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Bill O'Reilly Takes The Bishops To Task: Silence of the Lambs

After Caroline Kennedy's speech, not one American Catholic leader publicly criticized her. There was complete silence from the Archbishops. Given a huge opportunity to explain why all life should be considered sacred, and why Ms. Kennedy is misguided - to say the least - the clerics passed.
Call it the silence of the lambs.
Bill O'Reilly

Most weeknights you will find the DH and me watching Bill O'Reilly on the DVR and me yelling at the TV because I disagree with about 80% of his positions.  Yet, I still keep watching.  He is about the best at what he does in presenting the stories of the day and interviewing guests, so even if you disagree with him, as I often do, it's still a stimulating show. 

But every once in a while he cuts through all the garbage and makes some very enlightening points.  And he most certainly did this with the outrageous remark made by Caroline Kennedy in her speech at the Democratic Convention.  I was actually watching her speech as she gave it, and when I heard her make the statement, "As a Catholic woman, I take reproductive health seriously," I couldn't believe what I was hearing.  I felt it had to be wrong.  I had the DH run it back twice to be sure I had heard it correctly.  It was not a mistake  Kennedy was using her Catholicism to support abortion, the intentional killing of innocent human life.  O'Reilly came on right after she finished her speech, and he had the same reaction I did.

If you missed it, here is the pertinent part of Kennedy's speech, followed by O'Reilly's stunned reaction.

I found it ironic that O'Reilly discussed this topic with Karl Rove  It was only a couple of days before this that Rove had talked about driving Rep. Todd Akin out of the senatorial race in which he is running because Akin condemned abortion in cases of rape and made the faux pas comment about "legitimate rape."  Of course, that never came up in O'Reilly's discussion with Rove.

O'Reilly followed up on this story with a great column.  He really takes the bishops to task for not saying one word about this outrageous statement by Caroline Kennedy.  Here's his column:

Losing Your Religion
By Bill O'Reilly for

Thursday, Sep 13, 2012

On January 8, 1962, President John F. Kennedy wrote a letter expressing condolences on the death of James Cardinal Gibbons. Kennedy, who rarely discussed his Catholicism, did so while describing the Cardinal: "He nobly expresses the essential traditions of my church in the United States ... the deep sympathy for the plight of the working man and of minorities, the steady concern for the betterment of society and mankind..."
Editorial Cartoon from the Five Minute Political Career of  Caroline Kennedy
Thus, it was somewhat startling to see JFK's daughter, Caroline, invoke her father's name and describe herself as a "Catholic woman" when espousing a passionate defense of abortion rights at the Democratic Convention. President Kennedy never publicly commented on abortion and, indeed, his brother Teddy was ardently pro-life when he began his political career. Of course, that changed over time as Senator Kennedy evolved into a liberal lion and enthusiastically entered the pro-choice den.
Caroline Kennedy has to know that the Catholic Church condemns abortion. It is a mortal sin in the eyes of the institution. There is no debate on that. So for Ms. Kennedy to describe herself as a Catholic woman in the context of promoting "reproductive rights" is a direct insult to her religion. Why would she do that? Other Catholic politicians like Mario Cuomo say they don't personally believe in abortion but respect the legal process that allows it. Not Caroline Kennedy - she openly told the world that she is an abortion crusader and the stated belief of her church be damned.

A Gallup poll says 24% of practicing Catholics believe abortion is morally acceptable. At first glance, that's hard to fathom but not when you analyze the landscape. After Caroline Kennedy's speech, not one American Catholic leader publicly criticized her. There was complete silence from the Archbishops. Given a huge opportunity to explain why all life should be considered sacred, and why Ms. Kennedy is misguided - to say the least - the clerics passed. Call it the silence of the lambs. [God bless you, Bill, for writing this.]

It was obvious at the Democratic Convention that President Obama and the Democratic Party are extremely bullish on "reproductive rights" and are using the issue to promote a fabricated "war on women" by the Republican Party. In response, the GOP has little to offer. It fears being branded "anti-woman."

But theologians don't have to run for office or curry favor with any group. They supposedly have a moral obligation to define their beliefs and stand up for what they consider God's will.

Abortion eliminates life. That's what the procedure does. Human DNA is present upon conception. If the Catholic Church believes that abortion is against what God intended, then it should be just as adamant about stating its case as Caroline Kennedy is about stating hers.

It is not.
* * *
Bill O'Reilly's column is spot on in his assessment of this situation.  As Michael Voris commented, it is a sad day when a secular pundit has to point out the obvious to the Bishops and tell them what they should be doing.  

I believe Caroline Kennedy lives in New York City, which would make Cardinal Dolan her bishop.  I guess Cardinal Dolan was too busy at Fordham University kissing Stephen Colbert's hand to make any statements about this scandalous situation with Caroline Kennedy. Maybe something was said in private, but that ain't gonna cut it.  She made a public statement scandalizing millions of Catholics, and there needs to be a public reprimand.  If ever Canon 915 should be enforced, this situation calls for it.  But that obviously is not going to happen.

Cardinal Dolan and the bishops continue to fight about the HHS Mandate and the "loss of religious freedom," emphasizing the fact that their fight is not about contraception and the evils thereof, but about religious freedom.  Their reaction, or non-reaction, to Caroline Kennedy's statement, along with the lack of reaction to all the other Catholic pro-abortion politicians, can only lead one to surmise that the bishops don't really care about the contraception/abortion issue at all. 

It is for this very reason, the bishops' lack of leadership, that our nation and the world continue to descend into more and more evil.  The Catholic Church is the ark of salvation to the world.  It is only through her, as the one true Church founded by Jesus Christ, that all truth and light come into the world.  If there is only darkness and evil in the world, that means the Church has not been fulfilling her God-given commission to preach the gospel to every creature. 

Pray for the priests and bishops.  They will have much for which they must answer when they stand before their Creator.  The bishops' silence will leave them far more responsible than apostates such as Caroline Kennedy.  The bishops will have even more blood on their hands than Caroline Kennedy does.

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