Saturday, June 23, 2012

Vulgarity and Immorality Reign Supreme

Back in the 1950's, when the most popular show on TV was "I Love Lucy", the main character, Lucy, became pregnant.  But the broadcasters at that time did not want to take the least chance of offending any of the viewing public, so the word "pregnant" was never even used on the show.  Lucy and her husband were never seen in bed together, and there was never so much as a hint of anything sexual between them.  They were loving and affectionate, and that's all we needed to know and see. Somehow, the viewing public never felt cheated because they didn't see every vulgar and/or private aspect of married life.  This show is still seen on TV around the world and is loved as much as it ever was.

Fast forward 60 years, and now we rarely see loving affectionate couples on TV, but we do see a whole lot of sex and hear words used that most people back in the 1950's did not even use in real life, at least not in polite society, much less on national TV. Our society has become coarse and crude to an extent that would not have been dreamed of two generations ago. Sex is a constant subject on TV, and interestingly, the sex that is shown on TV is rarely between a husband and wife, but almost always between people not married to one another, and more and more often, we are seeing homosexual sex, or at least implied homosexual sex. The portrayal of intact families with a loving wife and husband and happy, well adjusted kids who get themselves into relatively harmless trouble, e.g., "Leave it to Beaver" is pretty much non-existent. (Didn't we all want Ward Cleaver, who was always the most understanding and supportive of all fathers, as our father?  Instead, kids today are given Homer Simpson and the Family Guy, who are narcissistic, selfish and the worst of all role models.)  Even shows from the 80's like "The Cosby Show and "Family Ties", which portrayed strong, loving and traditional families, are extinct dinosaurs. God and religion, of course, are never mentioned except in a profane, insulting manner. 

A case involving the definition of decency on the airwaves was recently brought in the Supreme Court, the highest court in our land and the one to make final decisions on the meaning of the law.  The Supreme Court, in its decision, basically punted, finding that the use of the "F word" and nudity were not wrong and those responsible should not be punished.  They have left the decision of defining decency and acceptable standards up to the broadcasters, most of whom are atheists and amoral, if not actually immoral.  Their "standards", such as they are, basically consist of whatever they can get away with.  They seem to constantly push the envelope, striving for new lows, and the result is to vulgarize and debase our society. 

It should be noted that this was a unanimous decision of the Court.  Even those whom many conservatives feel can be counted on to stand up for what is right - Justices Scalia, Thomas, Roberts and Alito - whom many look to as the saviors on the court, voted right along with the "liberal justices" in this ruling. 
Let's face it.  Our society is falling off the cliff when it comes to morality.  The television networks have no problem broadcasting almost any kind of depravity, vulgarity or immorality.  They haven't gotten into bestiality or pedophilia, YET.  But so far, other than those two issues, the only "hot buttons" they will stay away from are portrayals of moral, loving, supportive and God-fearing people.

Below is the article from regarding the ruling.  Read it and weep especially for the children in our world who are being robbed of their innocence and purity by the evil, immoral and spiritually bankrupt programming that is today called entertainment.

Television's indecency rules in chaos
The US Supreme Court has invalidated fines levelled for a blurted broadcasting of curse words and bare buttocks shots in a television series, effectively quashing American television indecency standards.

The justices said in a unanimous decision that the Federal Communications Commission's policy against vulgarity on television was ''vague'' and threw out fines against TV networks Fox and America's ABC.

''Because the FCC failed to give Fox or ABC fair notice prior to the broadcasts in question that fleeting expletives and momentary nudity could be found actionably indecent, the commissions' standards as applied to these broadcasts were vague,'' the Supreme Court said in its ruling.

The court, however, said that the FCC is ''free to modify its current indecency policy'' in light of the ruling. [Does anyone for one moment think that the FCC is going to suddenly say that they have been too lax and should not allow vulgar and immoral programming?] The High Court had been asked by the watchdog, on the heels of a string of incidents on different networks, whether its decency-minded regulation was in line with constitution and freedom of speech guarantees. In some of the incidents under the microscope, singer-actress Cher and reality TV star Nicole Richie used swear words during ceremonies that were broadcast live on Fox television.

In another, an episode of the series NYPD Blue broadcast on ABC pictured a nude woman from behind as she entered a shower.

The networks' case won a boost when a New York appeals court ruled that the definition of indecency on television and radio was constitutionally unclear, and ran counter to free speech.  [This is code for "we can do anything we want to do, no matter how base or immoral."]

The Supreme Court declined to issue a broad ruling on the constitutionality of the indecency policy, concluding only that Fox and ABC could not have known in advance that their broadcasts could give rise to sanctions.
Do Yourself and Your Family A Favor
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