Monday, September 7, 2015

Why Kim Davis Is Wrong

Kim Davis
Many Christians who are opposed to the legalization of same sex marriage are looking to Kim Davis - the Rowan County, Kentucky Clerk who refused to give marriage licenses to same sex couples - as a cultural hero. She is now in jail for refusing to comply with the law.

County Clerk is a civil servant job, and as such, anyone employed as a County Clerk is required to comply with the law. Kim Davis does not have the right in her capacity as a civil servant to decide which laws to enforce and which laws she can ignore. If Kim Davis is allowed to disobey the law, then anyone who decides a law is unjust - e.g., anti-drug laws - will be free to ignore any law he or she doesn't like. The result will be complete chaos and anarchy in our country.

If Kim Davis feels it is wrong to give marriage licenses to same sex couples, then she needs to resign from a job that requires her to do so. She is not free to ignore a valid - albeit immoral - law. St. Thomas More set the precedent for us, and we need to follow his example.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Rise and Fall of Michael Voris

I have written many, many times on this blog about Michael Voris and the danger he poses to Catholics.  He has told Catholics that they should stop financially supporting their parishes and dioceses.  He has told Catholics that they should leave their parishes and find new churches because the vast majority of Catholic churches are Catholic in name only.  He has relentlessly and ruthlessly condemned validly ordained Catholic priests, bishops and cardinals.

A Catholic writer who is also a doctor and professor and friend of Michael Voris from their days in the seminary, took Voris to task for making threatening statements against Cardinal Dolan, as you can read HERE.   Voris recently made another threatening statement against a New York Archdiocesan priest, Father Jonathan Morris, when he said about Father Morris, "Won't someone rid us of this troublesome priest?"  You can read the transcript of this particular Vortex episode and watch it HERE.

Voris has informed us that the only REAL Catholics left in the world are those who believe exactly as he does. Everyone else is a fake Catholic headed to hell.
I have shown time and time again how Voris twists and manipulates facts and figures, and even tells outright lies to his listeners.  Last year I reported on the Pre-Pride Mass held at St. Francis Church in Manhattan.  I personally attended the Mass so I know firsthand exactly what happened there.  As I reported HERE and HERE, Michael Voris, who was also in attendance, gave a report that contained half truths and outright lies, all designed to fit the picture he personally wanted to paint.  

I showed the two totally contradictory stories Voris told about the incident at this year's St. Patrick's Day Parade in which he confronted Cardinal Dolan, which you can read HERE.

Yet Voris supporters continued to stand up for their hero and condemn me and anyone else who would dare to show the true nature of Voris's statements.  Nothing could deter "Vorisites" away from their hero.

Until now.

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