Saturday, November 2, 2019

Plenary Indulgence - What's a Radical Right Wing Catholic to Do?

Many right wing conservative catholics have rejected Pope Francis as either a heretic, an anti-pope or both.  They condemn his every word and action.  There is nothing he can do or say that they will support.

These same right wing catholics are pretty excited today because they can gain a plenary indulgence for All Souls Day.  From one of the premier anti-Francis sites,
Grant #29.1.1For the Souls in Purgatory 
Plenary Indulgence
A plenary indulgence, applicable only to the souls in purgatory, is granted each and every day from Nov 1 to Nov 8, who devoutly visit a cemetery and there pray, if only mentally, for the departed.
This article then gives us the requirements for a plenary indulgence:
Requirements for obtaining a plenary indulgence:
  • Do the work while in a state of grace,
  • Receive Sacramental confession within 20 days of the work (several plenary indulgences may be earned per reception),
  • Receive Eucharistic communion (one plenary indulgence may be earned per reception),
  • Pray for the pope’s intentions (Our Father and Hail Mary, or other appropriate prayer, is sufficient),
  • Have no attachment to sin (even venial) – i.e., it is sufficient that the Christian makes an act of the will to love God and despise sin.
Oh, dear, we have a real problem here.  One of the requirements for a plenary indulgence is to pray for the Pope's intentions.  But that means praying for the intentions of the evil heretic, Pope Francis!  What's a "faithful catholic" to do?

Well, it really doesn't matter because another requirement for a plenary indulgence is to be a state of grace, and the "faithful catholics' " rejection of and refusal to submit to the authority of Pope Francis has removed all grace from their souls. Refusal to submit to the authority of the pope is the definition of schism, which is an automatic excommunication.

Of course, they could always repent.

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