Thursday, February 14, 2019

Lesson From The Internet: No One Wants The Truth

I have been writing this blog for a little over 7 years.   When I first started in December 2011, I was a staunch Catholic traditionalist, and I fully embraced everything that goes with radical traditionalism.

I believed that the Traditional Latin Mass was the salvation not just of the Church but of the whole world.  My heroes were Michael Voris, John Zuhlsdorf, George Rutler, Michael Matt, ad nauseam.  I basically rejected the Second Vatican Council.  I was suspicious of everything and everyone in the Catholic Church who supported the Second Vatican Council in any way.  I wore a veil to Mass and eschewed such things as the Sign of Peace.

I was completely obnoxious and intolerant towards anyone who did not support my views.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Evil Beyond Belief: New York States Passes Bill Allowing Abortion Up To Due Date

This morning at Mass our priest told us that New York State just passed a new abortion law with the Orwellian title of Reproductive Health Act.

This bill has nothing to do with "reproduction" or "health."  It is all about expanding the law to legally kill babies.

This bill should be rightly called the Kill The Babies Act.

The new abortion law in New York allows women to kill their babies right up to the time of delivery.  Gov. Cuomo said he wanted this because he fears that Roe v. Wade will be overturned, thus leaving it up to each state to decide on legalized abortion.  He wants to be sure New York will be ready with the most liberal abortion laws possible.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Why Did Cardinal Donald Wuerl Lie?

Last summer, when Theodore McCarrick's dirty secret life was publicly revealed, Cardinal Donald Wuerl said that he had never been told that McCarrick was abusing seminarians or minors. 

From a July 29, 2018 article from WTOP:
Wuerl said he has never been approached with allegations of abuse by McCarrick and was unaware of the rumors that have been associated with his predecessor.
We know now that is not true. 

Saturday, January 5, 2019

EWTN Officially Jumps the Shark: No Longer Catholic

Raymond Arroyo, EWTN's own beloved Pee Wee Herman, announced The World Over's Best and Worst Persons of 2018 on its last show of 2018.  And sadly, it was no shocker.

As I have discussed many, many times on this blog, Raymond Arroyo and his buddies have consistently and repeatedly criticized and denounced Pope Francis and everything he does and says.  They have done so through half truths and outright lies.

Arroyo and his buddies have also exalted and praised anyone who has stood in defiance against Pope Francis.

And of course, no one has taken a bigger stand against Pope Francis than Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, who broke every promise and vow of loyalty he made as priest and bishop when he called for the resignation of Pope Francis, an action which no human being on earth has the right or authority to do.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Bird Box: What It Means to Walk as a Christian In An Evil World

A new movie on Netflix has really made an impact on the public. It is entitled, "Bird Box" starring Sandra Bullock.  Netflix says over 45 million subscribers watched this movie, classified as a horror film, when it debuted.  That is the biggest debut of any movie they have ever had.

I was one of those 45 million.  It did not scare me as much as help me understand a little more what it means to walk as a Christian in this world ruled by Evil itself, a/k/a the devil.

WARNING:  spoilers.

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