Saturday, October 13, 2018

American Catholic Church Being Hijacked by Mob Rule

As I have written before, the vast majority of American Catholic blogs and websites appear to be written by the same person because there is so little difference in their views and opinions.  If you have read one, you've read them all.   This also includes a fair amount of British Catholic blogs and websites as well.  They seem to feel a real kinship with their American counterparts.

I will hereafter refer to these blogs and websites as "Catholicspeak."

Catholicspeak operates under mob rule.  Mob rule is defined as "the fact or state of large groups of people acting without the consent of the government, authorities, etc."

The only authority Catholicspeak recognizes is its own.  It has rejected the Magesterium of the Catholic church as evil.

Catholicspeak listens only to itself and those who agree with it.  It rejects any facts that do not fit in with its beliefs.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Most Disgusting Post Ever By John Zuhlsdorf

Pope Francis accepted Cardinal Donald Wuerl's resignation today.  Those More Catholic Than the Pope ("TMCTP"), a/k/a those who hate Pope Francis, consider this a mighty victory.  They feel they are personally responsible for bringing the "downfall" of Cardinal Wuerl, and are hopeful that this will eventually lead to the grand prize - the downfall of Pope Francis himself.

One of the leaders in the war against Pope Francis is Father John Zuhlsdorf, and he took this "golden moment" to gloat and sneer at Pope Francis.

Remember, Zuhlsdorf is the same guy who said it is perfectly fine to pray for the death of Pope Francis.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Did Cardinal Ouellet Confirm Sanctions Against McCarrick?

The reaction on the Internet to Cardinal Ouellet's letter denouncing Archbishop Vigano has been a true study in human psychology.

The members of group I call Those More Catholic Than the Pope ("TMCTP") are celebrating because they see Ouellet's letter, despite its condemnatory tone, as vindication of Vigano's claim that Pope Francis lifted canonical sanctions placed upon Theodore McCarrick by Pope Benedict XVI.

It needs to be noted the core creed of TMCTP is that Pope Francis is a heretic bent on destroying the Church.  TMCTP's believe their responsibility as faithful Catholics is to take out Pope Francis in any way they can.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Cardinal Ouellet to Archbishop Vigano: "Such a thing cannot come from God’s Spirit"

Cardinal Marc Ouellet, prefect of the Congregation for Bishops, has come out with a scathing response to Archbishop Vigano's attack against Pope Francis.   He published an open letter to Vigano on October 7 [HERE].

Ouellet makes many profound and serious statements and charges in his letter, but there is one statement in particular which should shake Vigano to his core, as well as anyone else who supports the Archbishop in his attack against Pope Francis:
Reading how you concluded your last message, apparently very spiritual, mocking and casting doubt on his faith, seemed to me to be really too sarcastic, even blasphemous! Such a thing cannot come from God’s Spirit.
This is the statement referred to by Ouellet in Vigano's last letter:
Has Christ perhaps become invisible to his vicar? Perhaps is he being tempted to try to act as a substitute of our only Master and Lord? 
Vigano's attack is not against Pope Francis.  It is light years more serious than that.

The Office of the Papacy is guarded and protected by none other than the Third Person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit.  Although the man occupying the Chair of Peter may be a great sinner, he can never, in his official capacity as Vicar of Christ and spiritual leader of the Church, act against the Holy Spirit and mislead the Church.  This is the definition of papal infallibility, a doctrine of the Catholic Church.

As Cardinal Ouellet writes in his letter:
Is not communion with the Successor of Peter an expression of our obedience to Christ who chose him and sustains him with his grace?
It is no exaggeration to say that to attack the Pope is, in reality, an attack against the Holy Spirit, the true leader of the Church.

Cardinal Ouellet is saying that Vigano's actions are of demonic origin and a direct and blasphemous assault upon the Holy Spirit.  This is a sin of unimaginable proportions, directly inspired by Satan himself.

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