Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Pachamama: Is It A Gotcha Mama for Enemies of Pope Francis?

Pope Francis cannot sneeze without being condemned by Those More Catholic Than The Pope.  They have hated him from the time he stepped onto the balcony after being elected pope in 2013, and have been plotting and strategizing to push him out of the papacy from the point on.

Think I am exaggerating?  Here is the post from Rorate Caeli, one of the most right-wing, anti-Francis catholic websites on the Internet, from March 13, 2013, the day of Pope Francis' election:
Of all the unthinkable candidates, Jorge Mario Bergoglio is perhaps the worst. Not because he openly professes doctrines against the faith and morals, but because, judging from his work as Archbishop of Buenos Aires, faith and morals seem to have been irrelevant to him.
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May God help His Church. One can never dismiss, as humanly hard as it may seem, the possibility of a conversion... and, nonetheless, the future terrifies us. 
That could have been written today, 6 and 1/2 years later.  These people are consistent, if nothing else.

There have been a lot of hopeful "gotcha" moments that have come and gone:  the synods on marriage, Laudato Si, Amoris Laetitia, Who Am I To Judge?, praising a dead Anglican priest, washing the feet of women on Holy Thursday, the people he talks to, the papal staff he carries at Mass, etc. etc. etc.  There have been open letters written by Catholic theologians to Pope Francis accusing the Holy Father of heresy.  We can't forget the Dubia by four cardinals (two of whom are now dead) and, of course, Archbishop Vigano's accusations and call for the Pope's resignation.  The list goes on and on and on.

Almost every day the enemies of Francis find some new mud to sling at the Holy Father, but so far, nothing has worked for Those More Catholic Than the Pope. Francis continues to sit in the Chair of Peter.

But now they are convinced they got him.  They have found the silver bullet:  PACHAMAMA!! It is indisputable.  Francis the heretic is actively and publicly promoting the worship of pagan idols.

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