Monday, April 13, 2020

Nothing Like A Crisis To Show The True Colors of People

Last year, 2019 (which seems like at least 100 years ago now), countless "Catholic" traditionalists/conservatives in the Church were very upset about the Synod on the Amazon.  They warned the rest of us for months before the Synod even began how "dangerous" it was.  Cardinal Raymond Burke said the Synod would result in the "dismantling" of the entire global church.  He and other anti-Francis prelates urged Catholics to pray and fast about the Synod, warning that it was apostasy.

However, none of these people seemed in the least concerned about the Amazonians.  Many of the faithful in the Amazon go for months or even years without access to the Mass or the Sacraments because of the lack of priests.  Yet I never heard any concern about this problem on any of the blogs/websites of these self-righteous critics.  No one ever called for fasting and prayer on behalf of the people in the Amazon.

Now those who were so critical of the Amazon Synod have themselves been deprived of access to the Mass and the Sacraments.  This is not the result of the lack of priests but of a worldwide pandemic called COVID-19 that is sickening and killing hundreds of thousands of people worldwide (1,923,935 confirmed cases and 119,612 deaths as of this writing).  Here in the United States, as I write, there are 586,941 confirmed infections and 23,634 deaths (source).  You can click the links to see how much this has changed from the time of my writing (April 13).

As a result of this nightmare in which we are all living, all Masses have been canceled in the United States and most other parts of the world, and there is little to no access to the Sacraments.  This is done in an effort to try to save lives.  Nevertheless in Italy, which is in total lockdown, more than 100 priests have died.  We have lost two priests here in the Diocese of Brooklyn:  Father Gioacchino Basile, 60 and 49-year-old Father Jorge Ortiz-Garay.  At least one priest in the New York Archdiocese has died.

I see no concern on any of these blogs about the death of these priests or anyone else for that matter.  They are all concerned basically about one thing:  they don't have the Mass or the Sacraments, and they are mad!

Even a worldwide pandemic has not helped them develop any empathy or concern for others.  They are still unable to see outside their own little circle, viewing everything that happens in the world only as a conspiracy to destroy these last remaining "faithful Catholics."

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