Saturday, October 12, 2019

Cardinal Sarah: To Oppose the Pope is to be Outside the Church

It is really amazing how emboldened the enemies of Pope Francis have become.  Just the other day, Zuhlsdorf gave advice on his blog on how to protest at the Vatican.

Also this past week there was also a "roundtable" including some of the "super stars" among the enemies of Francis, such as Michael Matt, Michael Voris, Taylor Marshall, and John-Henry Westin.  The topic of that roundtable was, of course, the heresy in the Church led by Pope Francis.  The "roundtable" was described by Lifesitenews as such:
Lay Catholic leaders from around the world, increasingly alarmed about the upcoming Amazonian Synod and how it threatens to disfigure and “Protestantize” the Church, gathered not far from the Vatican today to discuss their grave concerns.

The roundtable discussion, titled “Our Church – reformed or deformed?” was hosted by the international pro-life association Voice of the Family. Over 5,000 people across the continents tuned in.

On the eve of the synod, they described the multifaceted diabolical menace to the Catholic Church it portends to be. Their choice of strong language reflects the peril they sense: That after the synod, what will emerge will no longer be the Catholic Church.
. . .
“There are, at this moment, two religions within the Catholic Church,” declared Professor Roberto de Mattei.

“The first is the traditional Catholicism, the religion of those who, in the current confusion, continue to be faithful to the immutable Magisterium of the Church,” said de Mattei.
“The second, until a few months ago without a name, now has a name: it is the Amazonian religion because, as declared by the person currently governing the Church, there is a plan to give the Church ‘an Amazonian face,’” explained de Mattei.
“Two religions cannot coexist within the same Church,” he reaffirmed.

. . .

“Pope Francis and his clerical allies are creating a globalist organization with a Catholic-appearing face,” said Church Militant’s Michael Voris.
“What is emerging is not Catholic. The façade should be dropped and for once truth be allowed to prevail.”
Voris explained that Pope Francis has moved the Church to “align with a counterfeit kind of theology inspired by godless atheism, and in the rush to advance this, he’s surrounded himself with numerous clerical scoundrels — some who have been complicit in the performing of or cover-up of sex abuse of minors or young adults, mostly male.”
None of these people even try to hide the fact that they are enemies of Pope Francis.  They consider the Holy Father to be the greatest threat to the Catholic Church on earth, and they are spreading that message as far and wide as they can.

War has been openly declared upon Pope Francis.

At that same time that they are openly at war with the Vicar of Christ, these people consider themselves to be the only true Catholics left in existence. As de Mattei said, there are two religions within the Catholic Church:  one led by Pope Francis, and one led by the enemies of Pope Francis.

And as de Mattei so rightly declared, "two religions cannot coexist within the same Church."

Which one will prevail?

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Mary Ann Kreitzer, Who Are You Serving?

I have written many times about the importance of being loyal to the Chair of Peter.  The Church was founded upon St. Peter, and Our Lord personally gave the Keys to the Kingdom to Peter and his successors.  We cannot be in communion with Christ unless we are in communion with the earthly head of His Church.  

The Chair of Peter is of utmost importance because Our Lord considers loyalty to Peter as loyalty to Himself and God the Father, as he told Peter and the disciples in Luke 10:16:

There is no Church without Peter.  Without Peter, there are no bishops because bishops are appointed by Peter.  Without bishops, there are no priests because priests are ordained by the bishops.  Without priests, there is no Mass, no Holy Eucharist, no forgiveness of sins, no Sacraments whatsoever.  

All of this leads to the worst "no" of all - No Salvation.  We all die in our sins with no hope of salvation.  
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