Wednesday, December 14, 2011


In my younger days, so many decades ago, I was what is called a very liberal thinker, and sided with the Democrats for the most part.  I hated Ronald Reagan who, of course, is worshipped by conservatives.  Rush Limbaugh calls him "Ronaldus Magnus." 

But then I hit my 30's, got what I thought was a "clearer" vision of the world, and decided the Democrats were completely wrong on almost every issue, and I became a Conservative Republican.  My heros were people like Ronald Reagan, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, etc.  For the past several years I have gotten most of my news from Fox News - "fair and balanced", you know.  I listened daily to the conservative talk shows hosts like Limbaugh, Hannity, Mark Levin, Hugh Hewitt, etc.  I believed everything they said.  After all, they denounced those abortion loving, homosexual supporting, God-hating Democrats.  How could conservatives be wrong?

I voted proudly for George W. Bush, and strongly supported him when he went into Iraq to take out the big, bad Saddam Hussein.  I believed him when he told us fundamentalist Muslims are our enemy.  I never thought about the fact that Muslims were not the ones destroying our economy by adding debt upon debt, Muslims were not the ones who were aborting our babies, Muslims were not the ones putting what amounts to pornography on our TVs every night, Muslims weren't the ones trying to destroy marriage by pushing homosexual marriage, etc.  Muslims weren't even the ones who are trying to silence Christians in our country.  But certainly the Muslims were the ones who attacked our country on September 11, 2011 and killed almost 3000 of our citizens right in my own city.  Oh, really? 

Now that I'm well into my 50's, I have gone through another change in my views.  It all started with studying more into Fatima, and the warning from Our Lady about the errors of Russia spreading.  Her words to the shepherd children were“Russia will spread its errors throughout the world, raising up wars and persecutions against the Church. The good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer, and various nations will be annihilated.”  That is some pretty scary stuff.  What are the errors of Russia?  What else but atheistic communism, the total rejection of Christianity and anything to do with it.  Communism is nothing more than freemasonry.

Then I started looking closer at what the MSM in our own country is pushing, and I realized that Republican/Democract, Conservative/Liberal are just two sides of the same coin, and that they were all lying to us.  As I heard one man say, our choice is to vote for Satan or the devil.  There really is no difference between the two.  Fox News, which is suppose to be conservative, gets its strength by pitting people against each other, causing division and even hatred.  Fox News doesn't give you any more of the truth than any other media source.  Rush Limbaugh and Keith Olberman are a prime example of two sides of the same coin.  They each demonize all those who disagree with them, and in the process all they do is end up obscuring the truth.  They are both "working for the man", and that "man" ain't you or me.

The biggest issue with me is abortion.  I don't believe there is any evil worse than the taking of innocent human life.  Abortion is the sacrament of the devil, pure and simple.  Republicans are always saying they are against it, but what have any of them done to stop it?  Nothing.  George Bush did a few things, but with a swipe of the pen, Obama was able to wipe all of that out, and we heard hardly a word from the Republicans.  Republicans say they are against same sex marriage, but what have any of them done to stop it?  It is only a matter of time before it is the law of the land in all 50 states.

I have another post here about the National Defense Authorization Act, which allows the military to take any American into custody for any or no reason if they suspect, without proof, that we are somehow plotting against the country.  We are being either groped or radiated at our airports, here in NYC our bags can be searched before entering the subway with no cause or reason.  We are told anyone can be the enemy.  The enemy can be an 85 year old lady in a wheelchair.  There is no where you can go in NYC without being watched on camera. Privacy in this city is a thing of the past.  And no one in either party is doing anything about this. 

Now here comes Ann Coulter - the darling of all Conservatives - telling us that Mitt Romney is the most conservative of all the Republican presidential candidates. 

"What I changed my mind about is whether -- by the way I changed my mind three months after that on a FOX News show because the economy was so bad. I said, look, I'm generally a pessimist for running against -- actually, maybe I'm not. We have a popular Democratic president, who does has an attractive family, has the entire mainstream behind him, and he's an incumbent. That is why I thought the candidate we ran would lose. I no longer think. I now think Obama has a glass jaw, and I said that a few months after that statement, by the way. It's not really that big of change -- we don't know if my prediction was wrong now -- what I am saying now is of the available candidates, Romney is by far the most conservative, tied with Michele Bachmann. And he has the proven ability to win in a state like Massachusetts," Ann Coulter said on "Hannity" on Tuesday night.
Romney conservative?  The real author of Obamacare?  The one who first supported "a woman's right to choose" and then conveniently changed to please conservatives?  The same guy who supported same sex marriage in Massachusetts?  The one who supports things like GATT, International Monetary Fund, the United Nations, etc., all of which destroy the American economy?  But Ann Coulter knows, she is the queen of conservatives. 

All I can say is turn off the MSM and start thinking for yourself.  The truth is not to be found in popular culture. Pray to Our Lady, who crushes the head of the serpent and defeats all heresies.  Only there will you find truth.  It is not in politics, it is not in the mainstream media.  And our Lord promises that if you seek you will find, knock and it shall be opened.

Start knocking!!

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