Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Alternate Reality of the Mainstream Media

Why am I constantly going back to Ron Paul and how he is treated by the MSM and so-called conservative Republicans?  I do believe that Ron Paul is the best choice we have for president, but even if he should actually be elected, it still won't save our country.  It may give us a little more time, but the only thing that will save our country, and the whole world for that matter, is that the Catholic Church finally does what our Lady in the approved apparition of Fatima, has asked us to do, and that is to consecrate Russa to her immaculate heart

Our Lady asked that this consecration be done either in 1960 or upon the death of Sister Lucy, the only surviving seer of the 3 shepherd children involved in the Fatima apparitions, whichever came first.   Sister Lucy was still very much alive in 1960 (she did not die until 2005), and yet, even though the pope at that time, Pope John XXIII, fully acknowledged the legitimacy of Fatima and the request of our Lady to consecrate Russia to her immaculate heart, still refused to do it.  Many say that it was done by Pope John Paul II on May 13, 1982, exactly one year after he was shot.  But he never once mentioned the word "Russia", and he did not include the bishops of the world in the consecration, which must be done.  Blessed John Paul II consecrated the world to her immaculate heart "and those awaiting consecration."  That doesn't do it, and the condition of the world tells us it wasn't done.  Our Lady said that when the consecration was done, we would have peace in the world.  If not, Russia would continue to spread her errors.  You look around and tell me what is happening. 

But to get back to the topic at hand, Ron Paul is constantly dissed by the MSM and other establishment figures.  Right now he is either at the top or right next to the top in the Iowa polls.  But the MSM is doing everything they can not to acknowledge that fact.  Here is an article from regarding an article ins USA Today about the fact that Ron Paul leads the Iowa polls, but the headline says that 'Ron Paul still not in lead’ !!  I offer this story just to give one more example why you must never trust the mainstream media.  They are all manipulated, whether they be right or left, democrat or republican, it doesn't matter. 

Paul Joseph Watson
Thursday, December 22, 2011

If you thought the establishment’s tactic of ignoring who wins the Iowa primary was bizarre enough, try this one on for size. A USA Today story about how polls show Ron Paul is leading in Iowa is entitled ‘Ron Paul still not in lead’.

The mental gymnastics required to unravel this convoluted premise are somewhat intense, so concentrate…

The full title of the article, written by Jackie Kucinich, is ‘Despite money and support, Ron Paul still not in lead‘.

The gist of the story is that Ron Paul is in fact in the lead according to the polls, but because “mainstream Republicans” insist that he shouldn’t be leading, that means the voters are meaningless and that Ron Paul is in fact not in the lead.

So now we’re being told that surveys of likely voters, the three most recent of which show Paul is leading Romney and Gingrich, have no legitimacy because the establishment doesn’t like Ron Paul.

“Paul received 21.7% of potential caucusgoers, according to an average of three recent polls compiled by the website Real Clear Politics. Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney trails him slightly with 20.3% and former speaker Newt Gingrich comes in third with 15.7%,” reports Kucinich, conceding that Ron Paul is leading, but on the other hand noting that “He’s the second choice of only 9% of likely caucusgoers”.

So it matters little that Ron Paul is actually leading in Iowa, the fact that he isn’t leading the race for second place is more important. Get it? No, neither do I.

The corporate press has now moved on from trying to mislead its readers through sheer ignorance to engaging in outright brazen delusions, pretending that Ron Paul is not leading in Iowa while simultaneously having to admit the fact that he is the current frontrunner.

Just forget the actual voters, Ron Paul is only the frontrunner if the likes of CNN, USA Today, Fox News and “mainstream Republicans” anoint him as the frontrunner.

At least in places like Communist China, where dictators are hand-picked by Party members, there is no pretense of any kind of democratic process.

As we highlighted yesterday, whether “mainstream Republicans” like it or not, Ron Paul is the current frontrunner in Iowa. A New York Times Iowa primary projection, using figures collated from all the latest poll results and surveys, shows that Ron Paul is the clear favorite to win the crucial first Republican primary.

Despite polls which show Ron Paul has the best chance out of all the GOP candidates to defeat President Obama, establishment Republicans have resolved to ignore the results of the primary if Ron Paul wins, including Iowa Governor Terry Branstad, who told Politico that people should instead concentrate on who comes second and third.

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