Monday, February 27, 2012

Tucker Carlson: Iran Deserves To Be Annihilated

The headlines in the news almost every day is about how evil Iran is, how they wish to "wipe Israel off the map", that they they are building a nuclear weapon, which we have been told for years could be launched at any moment.  The media and the government are telling us that Iran is the most evil regime in the world. 

Now conservative pundit Tucker Carlson tell us that Iran "deserves to be annihilated."  Wait a second!  Aren't we the ones condemning Iran because they want to destroy Israel, but yet we have the right to say Iran should be destroyed? 

Ah, but we just misunderstood poor Tucker.  As he explains in the video below, he actually misrepresented his own views.   He was actually urging caution because annihilating Iran might damage our economy.  It might cause oil to rise in price if we start bombing them.  He was mostly against the Iraq war, you know.  So give this poor guy a break, as he says here.  He is all for war under certain circumstances, but we're not very good at foreseeing the consequences.  He says he is hardly a peacenik, but he is not necessarily for indiscriminately bombing people. 

Tucker Carlson is a respected pundit for the conservative movement in this country.  But if his evil statements don't outrage everyone who hears them, then we are in even more trouble than I thought.  My fear is that there are many people in this country who agree with Carlson.  We are not at all concerned about the impact of war on innocent people but about the effect it will have on our economy and the price of oil. 

My beloved United States, the land of my birth, has become an evil country.  There is just no other way of putting it.  We are threatening the whole world if they don't agree with us.  We have merely to accuse them of only potentially being against us, and that gives us the right to turn our war machine on them.  We have become a despotic nation, imposing our beliefs on the rest of the world.  God help any nation who dares to disagree with the United States.  And the Republican and Democratic parties are in total conformity with this. 

We have sown the seeds for our own destruction.

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