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Republican Posturing on Abortion

A few days ago Lila Rose and her group, Live Action, who have gone under cover in the past and exposed the evil practices of Planned Parenthood, did just that yet again.  This time they filmed Planned Parenthood giving advice to two different women posing as pregnant mothers who wanted to abort their babies if they were pregnant with girls merely because they wanted boys instead.  The problem with this is that an ultrasound cannot determine gender in an unborn baby until 18 to 20 weeks, which would mean a late term abortion. There are other tests which can determine the sex of a baby earlier, but the earliest would probably be about 13 to 14 weeks.  The following is a description of a 14 week old fetus from
Your baby measures about 3.2 to 4.1 inches from crown to rump now and weighs almost an ounce. The ears are shifting from the neck to the sides of the head, and the neck is getting longer and chin more prominent. Facial features and unique fingerprints are all there. Your baby is beginning to respond to outside stimuli.  If your abdomen is poked, the fetus will try to wriggle away. [This would also mean that a baby would try to "wriggle away" from an abortionist's tool.] 
14 Week Old Fetus
The shock and outrage could be heard across the nation.  Many seem to feel that abortion based on gender is somehow worse than abortion for any other reason, such as "inconvenience" or that the baby is just not wanted.  The problem is that whatever the reason for abortion, the result is always exactly the same:  a dead baby. 

Among those who expressed horror and shock at this video from Live Action were the Republicans in the House of Representatives.  And of course we can always trust the sincerity of politicians. The House Republicans immediately put a bill together to outlaw abortion based on gender selection,    But as the article below from explains, it seems the Republicans introduced the bill under rules that minimized debate and required a larger than normal majority to pass.  Once the inevitable defeat of the bill was accomplished, that was the end of the discussion 

So it seems that we are right back where we started, with thousands of babies being aborted every day in the United States for any reason whatsoever.  The Republicans continue to claim that they are "pro life" and want to outlaw abortion, but somehow it just never seems to happen.

And the beat goes on.
House rejects bill penalizing doctors for sex-selective abortions 
By Pete Kasperowicz - 05/31/12 02:15 PM ET

House Speaker John Boehner
The House on Thursday rejected a Republican bill that would impose fines and prison terms on doctors who perform abortions for the sole purpose of controlling the gender of the child, a practice known as sex-selective abortion.

The Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act (PRENDA), H.R. 3541, was defeated in a 246-168 vote. While that's a clear majority of the House, Republicans called up the bill under a suspension of House rules, which limits debate and requires a two-thirds majority vote to pass. In this case, it would have required more support from Democrats.  [So the Republicans bring up this bill and in effect doom it by bringing it under a rule that limits debate and requires the Democrats to vote for it in order for to ensure passage.  Is that just a coincidence,  is it stupidity, or is it deliberate?]

Twenty Democrats voted for the bill, while seven Republicans opposed it. The bill would have needed 30 more yeas to pass.  [And if you think the Republicans did not know what the outcome would be, I would like to sell you the bridge that is pictured at the top of my blog.] 

Suspension votes are normally used for noncontroversial bills, but the GOP-backed measure was clearly controversial. [Hmmmmm.  Seems very suspicious to me.] Republicans have occasionally put controversial bills on the suspension calendar in order to highlight that Democrats oppose certain policies. 

In some cases, Republicans have rescheduled these bills for regular consideration after they have failed, allowing for passage by a simple majority. But Republicans gave no sign that they would try again with PRENDA.  [I am shocked, shocked.]

Earlier in the day, House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) indicated that the issue of stopping sex-selective abortion is important enough that they would try again, but he was not specific.  [You better believe he was not specific.  This bill will never be spoken of again in the House of Representatives.]

"This is an important issue to the American people," Boehner said to reporters off the floor. "This type of sex selection most Americans find pretty repulsive, and our members feel strongly about it. That's why it is being brought to the floor."  [This bill was brought to the floor so that the Republicans could say, "See, we tried to fight abortion, but the big bad Democrats stopped this."  This bill was not brought to the floor in order to stop sex selection through abortion.  It was merely an attempt to quiet the public outrage so that the abortions could continue unimpeded. ]

During debate on the bill Wednesday, Republicans said the bill is consistent with the broader U.S. position that sex-selective abortion should be condemned around the world.
"In 2007, the United States spearheaded a U.N. resolution to condemn sex-selective abortion worldwide," said Rep. Trent Franks (R-Ariz.), the sponsor of the bill. "Yet, here in the land of the free and the home of the brave, we are the only advanced country left in the world that still doesn't restrict sex-selective abortion in any way."  [And this is one of the major reasons why our country is self destructing.]

While some Democrats made it clear that they oppose sex-selective abortion, they indicated that they oppose the bill's enforcement provisions, which they said would put in place an unacceptable limit on women's rights to choose abortion.

"We can all agree that women should not choose to terminate a pregnancy based solely on gender, but this bill criminalizes a legal procedure," Rep. Suzanne Bonamici (D-Ore.) said Thursday afternoon.  [That is exactly the problem.  The Democrats are showing very clearly why this bill was nothing but a sham.  People express shock and outrage at gender selection through abortion, but why aren't they just as outraged in general that abortion is legal upon demand in our country?  Selective outrage does not impress me.]

"The bill includes a provision that would allow a women's husband or parents, by merely alleging that an abortion is because of gender, to seek injunctive relief to prevent the doctor from performing abortion procedures, sending an incredibly private and personal decision into the courts," Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.) added Thursday.
 It is another Republican intrusion into a woman's right to choose," said Rep. Jim McDermott (D-Wash.) of the GOP bill on Wednesday. "Women should be able to make such sensitive and private decisions with their families, their doctors and their god, free from the fear of the police."  [Interesting, "god" is spelled with a small "g."]
Republicans voting against the bill were Reps. Justin Amash (Mich.), Charlie Bass (N.H.), Mary Bono Mack (Calif.), Robert Dold (Ill.), Richard Hanna (N.Y.), Nan Hayworth (N.Y.), and Ron Paul (Texas).
Democrats voting for it were Reps. Jason Altmire (Pa.), John Barrow (Ga.), Dan Boren (Okla.), Jim Cooper (Tenn.), Jerry Costello (Ill.), Mark Critz (Pa.), Henry Cuellar (Texas), Joe Donnelly (Ind.), John Garamendi (Calif.), Tim Holden (Pa.), Larry Kissell (N.C.), Daniel Lipinski (Ill.), Stephen Lynch (Mass.), Jim Matheson (Utah), Mike McIntyre (N.C.), Collin Peterson (Minn.), Nick Rahall (W.Va.), Silvestre Reyes (Texas), Mike Ross (Ark.) and Heath Shuler (N.C.).
So there you have it, folks.  The Republicans put on a nice show with no intention of changing anything.  As far as I'm concerned, it was nothing more than a diversionary tactic.  Something happens to remind the public of just how evil abortion is, the politicians react in a way that makes it seem they agree in order to mollify the public's concern  and outrage, but nothing changes.  If the Republicans were truly serious about stopping abortion, they would completely defund Planned Parenthood of the $500 million this evil organization receives in taxpayer money every year.  Instead, the killing continues on unabated, and we as a nation and as a world, draw ever closer to our own doom.

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