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Why Would A Guy Want To Marry A Guy?

In 1959, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon starred in a movie entitled, "Some Like It Hot", about two musicians in the 1920's who witness the St. Valentine Day's Massacre in Chicago and have to run for their lives from the Mob.  They decide to pretend they are women in an all-girl's band, with the idea that no one would like for them in an all-girl's band.  A very rich man becomes interested in Jack Lemmon's character, thinking he is a woman.  Jack Lemmon does all he can to discourage the rich playboy without actually telling him he is a man, not a woman, but without success.  The playboy proposes marriage.  Below is the scene where Jack Lemmon tells Tony Curtis he is engaged:

Tony Curtis's question, "Why would a guy want to marry a guy?"  was considered ludicrous and funny in 1959.  How our society has changed in 50 years. 

As I have previously posted here, I believe that militant homosexuals are the biggest threat the Catholic Church faces when it come to persecution.  They know that the Catholic Church is their enemy because the Church will never accept homosexuality as an accepted lifestyle. Every other organization and church is slowly giving into their agenda, little by little, starting by no longer labeling homosexuality as a deviant and sinful lifestyle.   Once that hurdle is overcome, it is only a matter of time before homosexuality is considered just another lifestyle choice, and anyone who disagrees with this is labeled a bigot and homophobe and guilty of a hate crime.

Acceptance of homosexuality is following the same path of acceptance as that of artificial birth control in the early 20th Century.  Protestant religions at one time were as much against artificial birth control as Catholics still are.  But then came the  Seventh Lambeth Conference in 1930  when the Anglican Communion  issued the first statement permitting birth control "when there is a clearly felt moral obligation to limit or avoid parenthood and where there is a morally sound reason for avoiding complete abstinence."  How there can ever be a "morally sound reason for avoiding complete abstinence" is beyond my understanding.  Be that as it is, this was the true beginning of the sexual revolution. The primary purpose of sex was no longer viewed as procreation but as just a pleasurable experience.  By separating sex from procreation, the door was opened to every kind of perversion possible.  And that is exactly what we have seen in our world.  Acceptance of birth control has led to almost every evil we see around us, and that includes acceptance of homosexual sex.  Birth control also leads automatically to abortion, the ultimate "birth control."  But that is for another discussion.

1997 Time Magazaine Cover showing
Ellen DeGeneres "out of the closet"
As little as 20 years ago, homosexuals were still not accepted in general society.  The real breakthrough came when a popular comedienne, Ellen DeGeneres, "came out" on her television show and in real life as a lesbian.  She was and is a very likable person.  The public felt a little queasy about it, but they liked her and so they felt to reject her because of a deviant lifestyle just wasn't fair.  And we shouldn't reject her personally.  But that doesn't mean we should accept her sinful lifestyle as normal.  By accepting her as a lesbian, we are actually helping to condemn her to hell.  After proclaiming to the world that she was a lesbian, the MSM then followed her in her relationships with other women just as though it was as normal as following the relationships of heterosexual couples. 

It was this act that broke down the barriers in television and throughout mainstream society.  Now almost every TV show has a "gay" character, and we are to accept them as just as another person and ignore the fact that we are accepting a sinful and deviant lifestyle.   We are to think nothing of it whenever anyone proudly declares that they are homosexual.  In fact, we are not to be just tolerant, but we must be approving and supportive of them.  Anything less than that is considered hateful and bigoted. 

Mark Andrew, left, and Bishop Gene Robinson during
their private civil union ceremony
In 2003, the Episcopal Church elected its first openly homosexual bishop, Gene Robinson.  He was unabashedly homosexual, living with his partner.  He and his partner were married in June 2008.  Robinson's comment was "I always wanted to be a June bride."  A friend of mine, who is a member of the Episcopal church, was horrified a year ago when she found out that her minister married his partner here in New York when it became legal, and he proudly announced his "marriage" at a church service.  The minister's partner was his assistant of many years. 

Just as the Episcopal/Anglican church led the way in the acceptance of birth control in the 20th Century, they are leading the way to acceptance of homosexuality in the 21st Century.  And they have now become the first major church to say they will bless same sex "marriages."   The United Church of Christ, which has a little over one million members, was the first church to accept same sex unions in 2005.  The door has been swung wide open, and the dominoes will fall as other churches follow suit.

Below is an article from regarding the Episcopal Church's recognition of same sex marriage. 
Episcopal Church becomes biggest US church to bless gay unions
By Becky Bratu,

The U.S. Episcopal Church became the biggest church in the United States to approve a provisional rite for blessing gay unions after its House of Deputies gave its final approval Tuesday.

The resolution passed with 78 percent approval in the lay order and 76 percent in the clergy order. The House of Deputies is made up of both clergy and lay people.

In the lay order, 86 deputations voted in favor, 19 against; five were divided. In the clergy order, 85 deputations voted in favor, 22 opposed the resolution and four were divided.

The proposed blessing liturgy was initially approved by the Church's House of Bishops Monday during the 77th General Convention in Indianapolis, with 111 votes in favor to 41 opposed and three abstentions.

Deputies of opposite views spoke in alternate succession Tuesday afternoon, with those against the proposal urging more time to consider a decision of such magnitude. [Did anyone think to bring up the teaching of Almighty God on this subject?  I guess that just doesn't enter into the question.]
The Rev. Sharon Lewis, alternate deputy of the Diocese of Southwest Florida, said the liturgy is more than a “pastoral provision.”
"Let us move together in the heart of Christ, not turn this great big old church that I love so much on a dime,” Lewis said.  [At least Jesus Christ got some mention.] 
Speaking in favor of the blessings, Deputy Jenna Guy from Iowa said the resolution is important to the younger generation of Episcopalians, adding that passing the resolution would bring more people into the Church[The Episcopal/Anglican church is imploding, losing people at a rapid rate, many of them becoming Catholics.  They actually think that by becoming more secular and less obedient to God than they already are that this will help their church grow?  We are watching them dig their own grave.]

"It’s always with great pride that I tell [people] of the inclusive nature of this Church,” Guy said. [I guess they don't consider God to be very "inclusive."  I Cor 6:9 - "Or do you not know that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals."]
A deputy from Alaska added, "There is never anything wrong with celebrating love.”  [This shows the exact problem with protestantism.  They have no authority but their own. They make up their own rules as they go along, including defining "love."] 
The new Episcopal same-sex liturgy is called "The Witnessing and Blessing of a Lifelong Covenant."
In the proposed rite, each person would make a vow to the other, exchange rings and be declared "bound to one another in a holy covenant, as long as they both shall live." The liturgy is expected to go into effect for provisional use starting the first week of Advent -- beginning on Dec. 2, 2012 -- and will undergo a review process before the next General Convention in 2015. Congregations and clergy wishing to use the liturgy would need the permission of their bishops. [How interesting that they choose the season of Advent - which is the preparation of our Lord's first coming to earth - in which to implement this anti-Christian practice.]

In states that currently allow same-sex civil marriage, such as Massachusetts and New York, Episcopalians may already bless same-sex marriages, but there is no formal church-wide liturgy. Commitment ceremonies for gay couples are allowed elsewhere in the church at the discretion of the local bishop.

The Episcopal Church is an independent U.S.-based church affiliated with the worldwide Anglican Communion. The church has about 2 million members, most in the United States.

It is not the only major U.S. denomination considering same-sex marriage issues.

The United Church of Christ, a mainline Protestant denomination with about 1 million members voted in 2005 to support full civil and religious marriage equality for same-sex couples.

The U.S. Presbyterian Church on Friday narrowly rejected a proposal for a constitutional change that would redefine marriage as a union between "two people" rather than between a woman and a man. The church, with around 2 million members, currently allows ministers to bless gay unions but prohibits them from solemnizing gay civil marriages.
There is one institution in the world that will never accept homosexuality as right and good, and that is the Catholic Church.  That is not to say that there are not elements within the Church that would like to see Catholics join up with the rest of the world in going against God's law, as can be seen in the picture at left.  But the Magesterium of the church will always stand strong.  As a result, faithful Catholics can expect to suffer terrible persecution for standing up for what is right.  This is something we really need to pray about and ask for God's grace to do what is right while the rest of the world follows Satan in his deceptions. 

Our world has never been more anti-Christian than it is right now, and more specifically, anti-Catholic, as we see so many of the Protestant churches going along with the evil agenda in the world.  When I was a kid in the 60's and 70's, it was cool to be "anti-establishment."  Well, if you are a faithful Catholic in these present evil times, you will be anti-establishment, and no one will think you are cool.  We all may pay a heavy price for following the Church, but it is something we must be willing to do.  This is the cross we have been given to bear at this time.  And as I have posted before, we must never allow ourselves to hate those who persecute us.  As our Saviour told us in the Sermon on the Mount, "Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you."

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