Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Manhattan In The Dark

This is one time the media did not over-hype a story.  The Northeast US has gotten slammed by Hurricane Sandy.  The most populated area in America, including the most populated city in America, is at a standstill.  The subway in NYC, without which this city cannot operate, has been inundated with seawater.  The bridges in and out of Manhattan are closed.  Hundreds of thousands of homes have been flooded.  The airports are closed.  There were no newspapers in New York City today.  There was a major fire in Queens which has destroyed 50 80 100 homes.  Millions are without power in the Northeast, and for those in living in the many high rise apartments in this city, they are without water as well, and there is no promise as to when these utilities will be restored.  Sandy has killed at least 33 45 74 people in the United States.  Although, thankfully, the loss of life has been less, the devastation to this city and this area is far worse than 9/11.

Fire in Queens, NY that destroyed 50 homes
In my little area of Brooklyn we have been fortunate.  We never lost our power, there is no major flooding or even wind damage.  But just a couple miles away from us, in Coney Island and other areas, there is severe damage.

Flooding in Coney Island, Brooklyn
Red Hook, Brooklyn
New Jersey has been completely devastated.  Hoboken, as an example, is completely under water.

Hoboken, New Jersey
The New York Stock Exchange is closed for a second day, the longest closure due to weather in over a century.  Thousands of businesses, including my own job, are closed for a second day.  Without the subways I have no idea when I'll be able to get back to work, and that is true for millions of other New Yorkers.

I certainly pray for the physical safety of the millions of people who have been affected.  But I also pray that this will somehow be a wake up call for our area.  I hope we realize that we are not all powerful, that all of our technologies and inventions cannot save us.  In fact, we are more vulnerable than ever because we do not even know how to survive without our modern conveniences.  Turn off the electricity, and we cannot function.

I love my City of New York, but I'm under no illusions.  This is the abortion capital of the United States.  Over 40% of all pregnancies end in abortion.  We have live sex clubs here, there is vast corruption in every part of our society.  The City gives away free condoms to anyone who asks, no matter what their age.  We teach our 5 and 6 year olds that homosexuality is perfectly normal.  And, of course, like so many other states here in the Northeast, same sex marriage has been legalized.

Millions were in physical danger because of Hurricane Sandy.  Many more millions of souls are in eternal danger because of the choices they have made.  Our Creator is all merciful who wants us to be with Him. Sometimes He has to allow things to happen to wake us up, and I truly believe Hurricane Sandy, sent right before the most important election in US History - an election whose outcome could literally determine whether we survive as a nation - was a huge wake up call.  Let us pray that all of the suffering will not go to waste, that it will cause people to recognize how far they have strayed from their Creator and then turn and repent.

Please pray for those who have been so severely affected by Hurricane Sandy, and pray even more for our souls, that we will heed the warnings we have been given.  Pray that Manhattan and all the rest of the country will come out of the darkness and into the Light of God.

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