Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mayor Michael Bloomberg's Long Lost Twin

Has anyone ever noticed how much Mayor Michael  Bloomberg of my very own city, New York, looks like the Grinch:

We are told in the story that the problem with the Grinch, who tried to steal Christmas from Who-ville, was that his heart was just too small:
The Grinch hated Christmas! The whole Christmas season!
Now, please don't ask why. No one quite knows the reason.
It could be that his head wasn't screwed on quite right.
It could be, perhaps, that his shoes were too tight.
But I think that the most likely reason of all
May have been that his heart was two sizes too small.
Our Honorable Mayor Bloomberg has done a few things in his illegal three terms that makes me wonder about the size of his heart (we had a 2-term limit, but at the end of his second term, the City Council miraculously voted to allow our multi-billionaire mayor to run a third time).

In 2010, we were hit with a major storm with about 20 inches of snow. The City completely shut down. There were no subways, no buses, streets were completely impassable, some people couldn't even get out of their homes. Mayor Bloomberg was vacationing in his private Bermuda getaway and didn't get back on his private plane until a day after the storm. When he got back, he told all of us that we should just stop our whining about a little snow, and go ahead and take in a Broadway show.

By the time Bloomberg flew back to the city on his private plane the next day, a disaster was unfolding on the streets. He then added insult to injury by urging New Yorkers—millions of whom could not get off their own blocks in the outer boroughs—to shrug it off and take in a Broadway show. When reporters asked Bloomberg to account for his whereabouts as the storm began, he replied that this was his “private time” and thus no one’s business.
The mayor's approval rating went down to 34% after this.

The major is always looking out for us. He has supplied needles to drug addicts and free condoms to kids. He has outlawed smoking in every public building in NYC, including bars. As Wikipedia tells us:
On the major issue of abortion, Bloomberg is considered pro-choice. He supports abortion rights, stating: "Reproductive choice is a fundamental human right and we can never take it for granted, on this issue, you're either with us or against us." He has criticized pro-choice politicians who support pro-life candidates. His comments may have been directed at New York Senator Chuck Schumer, a supporter of abortion rights who supported Bob Casey, who is pro-life, in the 2006 Senate election.
Bloomberg tends to be liberal about his policies towards many social issues; for instance, Bloomberg supports governmental funding for stem cell research, calling the Republican position on the issue "insanity," while also supporting same-sex marriage with the rationale that “I think anybody should be allowed to marry anybody" 
He not only supports same sex marriage, he actually paid New York State representatives to vote for same sex marriage to ensure that the law would pass.  From the
Supporters of Referendum 74 to allow same-sex marriage sent out a fundraising e-mail today saying the New York City mayor will give $250,000 to their campaign if they can raise the same amount this week.

Bloomberg is famous for doing everything he can to take guns out of the hands of citizens. There is also his infamous law making 32 oz. sugar drinks illegal in the City of New York. I don't know how he is going to stop people from just buying two 16 oz. drinks, but that's just me.

Now he is passing a law that will limit the amount of pain medication that people will receive in City hospitals. From
Bloomberg believes his move will reduce crime because fewer people will become hooked on drugs, which leads to “a lot more hold-ups of pharmacies, people getting held up as they walk out of pharmacies….What are they all about? They’re not trying to steal your shaving cream or toothpaste at the point of a gun. They want these drugs.”
Critics are lambasting the move, noting it will hurt the poor who frequent the city’s emergency rooms for primary medical care. In response, Bloomberg claims that while people may “have to suffer a little bit,” it is necessary to combat the problem, “so…we’re going to do it and we’re urging all of the other hospitals to do,
Learn to suffer, buddy
So for all those poor people who get banged up on the streets of New York and can only afford City hospitals, get ready to "suffer a little bit" thanks to the Grinch of New York City.

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