Saturday, August 9, 2014

Slaughter of Innocents in Iraq

If this picture does not tear you apart inside, then you are made of stone.  The events in Iraq are beyond my comprehension.  I feel that we should all be in constant prayer and mortification about the unspeakable evils that are occurring not only in Iraq, but in many other parts of the world.  I also hang my head in shame as an American, knowing that this is happening as a direct result of our invasion into Iraq.  Saddam Hussein was an evil man, but the evil that has erupted since we invaded and "liberated" that country makes Saddam look like a boy scout.  

I took the picture of this child from former Rep. Allen West's website.  In his article, which you can read HERE, Allen West unfortunately uses this horror to make a political statement, as can be seen in his title, "ISIS Is Beheading Children, and Obama Drops Two Bombs."  Yes, I agree Obama is a total incompetent who is in so far over his head that he can't see straight.  

But that is besides the point.  We could bomb Iraq into oblivion, but that is not going to stop the evil.  Is it just a coincidence that everywhere America goes, Christians are persecuted?  Our beloved land has become an evil country as we have turned our back on our Creator.  We no longer allow Him into "polite society."  We kill our own children in "legal abortions" at the rate of almost 1 million every year.  We want religion to be, at best, a private action, not interfering with our lives.  This is far more than politics.  This is a crisis of the spirit.

The answer to the evil that is happening in Iraq and around the world will not be found in politics. There is no human being who can make things right. The only answer is to go on our knees before Our Creator and beg His mercy and forgiveness for our sins.

Back in 2003, I remember St. John Paul II pleading with President George Bush not to go into Iraq. There is an interesting account of this written by Gerard O'Connell on a website called  
On March 5, 2003 [interestingly, this was Ash Wednesday], Pope John Paul II sent the Italian Cardinal, Pio Laghi, to intervene with President George W. Bush and ask him not to invade Iraq and overthrow Saddam Hussein, but the US leader rejected the appeal claiming he was “convinced it was God’s will”.
A source close to the situation at that time, but who does not wish to be named because of the position he holds, has given me an account of what happened then based on what the cardinal told him in private.
He recalled how the Polish pope had already referred to this planned military intervention as an “adventure” and had warned that war would have serious consequences for both nations and the world. He said the pope chose Laghi for this delicate mission, because he was a friend of the Bush family and might have stood a better chance of being listened to.
The day before the scheduled meeting with the President, the cardinal was asked to meet with officials from the US State Department, as the President wanted to know the agenda of the meeting in advance. Cardinal Laghi was “interrogated” by the National Security Advisor, Condoleeza Rice, the source said; they spoke “with great clarity and great frankness”.
Condoleeza Rice was also present at the meeting next day when the cardinal met the President. So too were two other members of the National Security Council, as well as General Peter Pace, Vice-Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Jim Nicholson, the US Ambassador to the Holy See, and Archbishop Gabriel Montalvo, the papal nuncio.
When the Cardinal arrived, the source said, he handed Pope John Paul II’s letter to the President, “who immediately put it on a side table without opening or reading it.”
The President then launched into an argument for war, the source added. He told the cardinal that he, the president, “was convinced it was God’s will”, and sought to convince the papal envoy that it was the right thing to do.
“After a few minutes of what the Cardinal termed ‘a sermon’ ”, the source said Laghi interrupted President Bush and said, “Mr. President, I came here in order to speak to you and to give you a message from the Holy Father and I would like you to listen to me.”
Cardinal Laghi told Bush that three things would happen if the United States went to war, the source recalled. First, it would cause many deaths and injuries on both sides. Secondly, it would result in civil war. And, thirdly, the United States might know how to get into a war, but it would have great difficulty getting out of one.
He told the president that with peace nothing is lost, but with war great turmoil would be created, especially in the Arab world.
He also told President Bush that “the most important issue” in the Middle East is the conflict between the Palestinians and the Israelis. That has to be dealt with if there is to be peace, the source stated.
As the forty-minute meeting came to a conclusion the President told Laghi, “We are not in agreement on Iraq but we are in agreement on other positions important to the Catholic Church and the Holy Father.”
According to the source, the Cardinal responded, “Yes, the values of promoting life and the family are very important, as they are based on the principles of natural law, human rights and the Gospel. But, Mr. President, I came here to ask you not to go to war, which is another value based on these same principles.”
Cardinal Laghi realized from this exchange that the President had already made up his mind, the source said. This was confirmed shortly afterwards by General Pace, as he accompanied the Cardinal to his car. He shook hands with the Cardinal and told him, “Your Eminence, don’t be afraid. We’ll do it quickly and we will do it in the best way.”
“Laghi knew his mission had failed, but he also realized that the Bush administration was very naïve about the consequences of war “, the source said
He recalled how the press corps was waiting outside the White House after the meeting to interview the cardinal, but administration officials did not allow him to speak to them at the White House. Arrangements to talk to the media had to be hastily made elsewhere.
The next day, March 4, when it was reported that the administration had blocked the Cardinal from speaking to the media at the White house, a person from the State Department called Laghi at the Nunciature in Washington and asked him to clarify with the media that he was not prohibited from giving an interview at the White House. Cardinal Laghi replied, “It is for you to make the clarification as you made the decision.”
Looking at this in hindsight, we can see the great wisdom of St. John Paul II. He had lived through the horror of World War II. He knew that war is never an answer. But President Bush refused to listen to him, and now evil has been unleashed upon the innocents. At the beginning of the Iraq war in 2003, there were 1.5 million Christians in Iraq. In 2013, that number had dropped to 450,000, the drop coming from those who fled the country and those who had been killed. And now the remaining Christians are faced with genocide while the world watches.

We live in the most serious of times. But there is a verse in the Bible that gives me hope: Romans 5:20 - "But where sin increased, grace increased all the more." As the world descends more and more into darkness, we who have been given the grace of forgiveness from Jesus Christ are obligated to rise up in prayerful intervention. We must throw ourselves into prayer as we never have before. The evil we see is going to get worse, and it will eventually come to our land, just as we saw on September 11, 2001. We must be willing to join with the Cross of Jesus Christ as we see exemplified by those in Iraq, Africa and other places of the world giving their lives for their faith.

Revelation 6:9-11:
When he opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of those who had been slain because of the word of God and the testimony they had maintained. They called out in a loud voice, “How long, Sovereign Lord, holy and true, until you judge the inhabitants of the earth and avenge our blood?” Then each of them was given a white robe, and they were told to wait a little longer, until the full number of their fellow servants, their brothers and sisters, were killed just as they had been.


  1. Thanks for this. Yes prayer, fasting, penance is the only solution.

  2. That photo tears my heart out.

  3. I will describe here what happened to me after reading this post. I was sitting in the garden thinking of the little child & all of a sudden a great, overwhelming peace came over me. I thought to myself - is this really happening? It felt like the Holy Spirit and I believe I/we receive enormous graces from the pictures of the martyred/crucified infants & children. These children are holy. God be praised. The men with the rifles are to be prayed for that they may be converted & freed from the devil's clutches. Maybe, the blood of these innocents will save them but God's grace is poured out on holy ground. Hope you don't think I've gone crazy, but formerly I would have been ill looking at a picture like that & mentally disturbed, but Iall I felt was overwhelming peace.

    1. That is a wonderful grace.

    2. Jackie, I think you are exactly right. In the 2nd Century when Christians were being persecuted and martyred by the Roman empire, Father Tertullian said, "The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church." Our Blessed Mother showed the way when she stood below the cross of her dying Son. We must all be martyrs to one extent or another, either spiritually or physically. That is what will save us and the world.

      Those in Iraq and other areas of the world who are suffering martyrdom are suffering for the sins of the world. Their suffering is joined with our Lord on the cross.

      Your statement that we should pray for the men with the rifles reminds me of the Little Flower whose first spiritual "child" was a murderer, a man she never met but prayed for. He was sentenced to be hanged and totally unrepentant. But St. Therese fasted and prayed for him, and he repented just before being hanged.

      St. Paul, the greatest evangelist in Church history, was also, before his conversion, one of the greatest persecutors of the Church, being a part of the stoning of St. Stephen. We should never doubt the miracles that can come from the Grace of God.

      Yes, Jackie, we must pray for those who are doing the killing. That is truly what Christian love is all about. The little martyr pictured above is now safe in the arms of Our Lord and His Mother. But the killers are still in the hell of their own making.

      As I wrote above, where sin abounds, grace abounds more. But that doesn't mean that we don't shed many tears for the terrible suffering of the innocents.

    3. Jackie, I posted this on your Google page, but I thought this was very appropriate from Morning Prayer from today's LOTH. Today, of course, is the feast day for Edith Stein, or St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, who was murdered in Auschwitz:

      Our Savior’s faithfulness is mirrored in the fidelity of his witnesses who shed their blood for the word of God. Let us praise him in remembrance of them:
      You redeemed us by your blood.

      Your martyrs freely embraced death in bearing witness to the faith,
      – give us the true freedom of the Spirit, O Lord.
      You redeemed us by your blood.

      Your martyrs professed their faith by shedding their blood,
      – give us a faith, O Lord, that is constant and pure.
      You redeemed us by your blood.

      Your martyrs followed in your footsteps by carrying the cross,
      – help us to endure courageously the misfortunes of life.
      You redeemed us by your blood.

      Your martyrs washed their garments in the blood of the Lamb,
      – help us to avoid the weaknesses of the flesh and worldly allurements.
      You redeemed us by your blood.

    4. Yes, it is also very sad. I have been emotional today about it all and praying...but this made me cry at just how good the Holy Father truly is...he is a Saint with a capital S.

      Lord Jesus, thank you so much for gifting your Church with the witness and the love of Papa Francis. Protect him always as he lives to give you all the glory.



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