Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Father Zuhlsdorf, You Might Want to Rethink This One

Father Z, you recently did a post on your blog entitled, "'Pause' for a moment to see Michael Voris’ new project." The subject of this post was a new project in which Michael Voris will choose four young men between the ages of 18 and 25 to live in a house behind his studio for a year and basically learn at his feet. Anyone who reads my blog doesn't have to guess at how I feel about that.

However, you, Father Z, are rather excited about the idea, as you wrote:
Like Michael Voris. Hate Michael Voris. Whatever. Voris is a man with convictions and he acts on them. That’s admirable.

Like his projects. Hate his projects. He is doing something concrete with the time, talent and treasure at his disposal.
Would that more Catholics had his energy and determination!
Really, Father Z? Do you know exactly what "convictions" Michael Voris holds?

Michael Voris has made his living by telling Catholics that their No. 1 enemy is the Catholic hierarchy.  He instills paranoia in his listeners by telling them there is a snake under every rock in the Catholic Church.  He tells his listeners to completely reject those in authority and to separate from the establishment Church which he calls the "Church of Nice".

Here are a few excerpts from just one Vortex episode:
If you make your way around the Catholic world today, one thing is blinding. It’s inescapable – there is an apostate Church operating within the power structure of the establishment Church. It is a wicked evil thing. Parish after parish, diocese after diocese has abandoned the true faith.
* * *
Huge swaths, large giant portions of the Church are simply in apostasy – populated with practical heretics – it is in short – the triumph of the Protestant heresy on the ground, even as Protestantism itself crumbles into a million pieces and rejects teaching after teaching of Christ.
* * *
Yes, there is an apostate Church – which encompasses a huge portion of Catholics these days – whose God is not Our Blessed Lord, but man.
* * *
Time is running out .. repent and let go of the apostate Church – the one that teaches you nothing in preparation for standing before Almighty God. Not for nothing did St. Paul himself say – work out your salvation in Fear and Trembling. 
Get away from those in the Church who hide this truth from you. Run from them as you would from the fires of Hell.

Father, did you know that Voris goes even further and encourages his listeners to commit mortal sin by willfully withholding financial support from their Catholic parishes and dioceses so that the parishes and dioceses will be destroyed:
Since money seems to be the only thing that motivates the Establishment Church – it is more than time for the faithful to begin withholding contributions. Why give money to a diocese that is gonna use that money to keep the status quo going – to abuse faithful Catholics while supporting fake Catholics – parishes and individuals. 
The whole thing is gonna blow up anyway – the sooner the better. What will emerge from the rubble is a purified Church, doctrinally, liturgically, morally, devotionally and clerically. Too bad Catholics didn’t know this about 50 years ago.
Did you know that Voris actually calls the majority of bishops in the Catholic Church "dead branches that need to be thrown in the fire":
Too much of the establishment [the bishops] in the Church have turned to dead branches and the sooner they are cut off and become fuel for the fire .. the better for the rest of the vine.
* * *
And while it’s a pity that they [the bishops] made these choices .. it is NOT a pity that it has come to this. How can Our Blessed Lord continue to bless dead branches. They [the bishops] must be cut off and thrown into the fire .. and that is exactly what is happening and frankly .. too bad it didn't happen sooner.
It is no secret that Michael Voris despises Timothy Cardinal Dolan, and has made threatening statements against him. In September 2014, Voris directed this statement to Cardinal Dolan:
Do not think the punishment visited on you will not be of the most severe sort when you die, perhaps even before you die, if you do not change.
Just last week on his Mic'd Up show, Voris said this of Cardinal Dolan:
Cardinal Dolan needs to publicly repent of his evil while there is still air in his lungs. Until he does, his Eminence should be quite nervous when he hears something go bump in the middle of the night because, like all of us, one of these nights is going to be his last.

Father Z, are you really telling us we should admire a person who calls for the destruction of the "establishment" Church and its hierarchy, and who actually applauds this destruction when he thinks he sees it happening?  Should we admire a person who makes threatening statements against one of the direct descendants of the apostles?

I have posted this several times now, but just in case you haven't seen it, Father Z, here is a quote from St. Catherine of Siena's Dialogue.  These, according to St. Catherine, are the words of God the Father:
Christ on earth, then, has the keys to the blood. If you remember, I showed you this in an image when I wanted to teach you the respect laypeople ought to have for these ministers of mine, regardless of how good or evil they may be, and how displeased I am with disrespect. . . .

These are my anointed ones, and therefore it has been said through Scripture, "Dare not touch my christs." Therefore, a person can do no worse violence than to assume the right to punish my ministers.

Father Z, you also must be very aware that Michael Voris' own bishop has forbidden Voris to identify his organization as "Catholic", forbidding him to use the word "Catholic" in any way to describe his activities.  And yet you say we must admire him?

Father Z,  you support Voris with these words:
Here is his latest. I don’t know if his new – and really interesting – initiative is going to work or not, but, hey! Michael, I’ve gotta hand it to you. You clearly love the Church. You are leaving it all out on the field. You could pull this off!
Helping to build up men who will serve God in some calling? Oorah!
You tell Michael Voris, "You clearly love the Church."  Really??? Are we talking about the same guy who made all of the above statements in condemnation of the establishment Church and her hierarchy? Is this the same Michael Voris who made not one but at least two threats against Cardinal Dolan? This is a guy that you think should be teaching and shaping young men in the Church?

Obviously you do, because you ended your post with this offer:
If you want me to come to say Mass for the guys sometime, or give them a talk, I’m game. Good luck and God love you! 
Father Z, you end your post with "God love you!", a phrase which Voris has stolen from the Venerable Fulton Sheen. Archbishop Sheen was most likely the top Evangelist in the 20th Century. He is responsible for maybe millions of converts through his books, newspaper columns, radio shows, TV shows and personal appearances. Even though he was not in good health, he spent the last years of his life giving retreats to priests and other religious.

He was also the target of some nasty attacks from other prelates, but never once did he speak against them.

Never once did Archbishop Sheen tell his listeners and readers to rise up against those whom God has put in authority.  I think he would be scandalized that one such as Michael Voris would be so bold to quote him in any way.

And yet you, Father Z, think Michael Voris is someone who should be shaping the minds and hearts of impressionable young men.

Father Z, you really need to rethink this one.

I was also very concerned, Father Z, about comments left by your readers:

  1. yatzer says:
    I think of him as rather like Jeremiah or John the Baptist.
  2. jacobi says:
    I have heard Michael Voris teach simple clear Catholic belief on major issues of our time something I have yet to hear, over a period of say 20 years, from a Catholic Priest or bishop!
  3. Mother says:
    I LOVE Michael Voris!
  4. Debbie from NC says:
    May God protect and bless Michael Voris and his apostolate ChurchMilitantTV with the necessary gifts of the Holy Spirit, wisdom, prudence, and charity, to deliver and defend the truth in love.
  1. gaudiumcumpace says:
    For many, the Truth is hard to hear. This new project calls to mind good Saint J. Bosco. We need more men like Mr Voris.
For those of you who wonder why I continue to write about Michael Voris, it is because of the fact that so many look at him as a model of a good and faithful Catholic and seem completely unaware of the fact that his goal is to destroy the Catholic Church as it presently exists and rebuild it in his own image. And now he, a man who is not allowed to identify his organization as Catholic, wants to start a school of sorts to turn out clones of himself who will take up his cause of attacking Catholic hierarchy and calling for the destruction of the "establishment" Church.

Father Z, you are an ordained Catholic priest and have made your ministry on the Internet. You have been given a very heavy responsibility and will have to answer for the souls you influence, either good or bad. Many people hang on your every word. Do you really think you should be telling your readers to support someone who makes statements such as these:
Most of the establishment Church is in the hands of the diabolical and its only when you come to grips with THAT truth that there is any hope for reform.
Like the old adage goes – feed a cold, starve a fever. The Establishment Church has a death bed fever. Time to starve it. Maybe then the homosexualists in power throughout the Church will think twice before trying to go after the few faithful Catholics left.
Father Z, please rethink your position on this.



  1. I accidentally deleted Jackie Parkes' comment, for which I deeply apologize. Here is your comment, Jackie, which sadly is all too true and which has infected many of Voris's listeners without their realization:

    Voris reminds me of "I will not serve." Scary.

  2. Good points. Will Fr Z consider them? Doubtful. He writes some good blogs but I get the impression he's let his popularity go to his head, like Voris. (Have you ever taken a look at the Amazon wish list he has on his blog? Some pricey items on there. A priest fishing for items the average parishioner can't afford seems off to me.)

    Sounds like Voris has developed a program aimed at grooming his own apostles. With 4 hand-picked apprentices each year, in 3 years, he'll have 12. Just like Jesus. Isn't that special? He should take care not to pick a Judas Iscariot.

    It amazes me that people can't see the flaws in Voris's reasoning and the fact that he's working against the Church that Christ established.

    1. Voris is very good at what he does. He rightfully points out the crisis of unbelief in the Church. Church attendance in the west has severely dropped. There are many Catholics who don't believe the teachings of the Church. However, instead of trying to unite people and bring them back to Holy Mother Church, Voris, and many like him, under the appearance of "love of the truth", have exploited the situation and used it as a weapon to turn people against the Church.

      Not everything they say is false. The devil, at his most effective, will give you 99% truth. It only takes a drop of arsenic to kill.

      The simplicity of Voris's message is the key to just how false it is. There are many different factors contributing to the crisis in the Church, not the least of which is the anti-God hedonistic culture we live in. But like every good cult leader, Voris does not allow his followers to see the complexity of the situation, but simplifies it and chooses one enemy to focus on. In Voris's message, the only enemy we really need to be concerned about is the divinely ordained authority of the Catholic Church. And as I have shown, he mercilessly attacks them and urges his followers to do the same. Instead of working to correct any problems in the Church, he tells his listeners that the "establishment" Church - which is the Mystical Body of Christ - is a false church and needs to be destroyed.

      Sadly, he has deluded many good people, including, apparently, Father John Zuhlsdorf. Someday Voris, and others like him, will be completely exposed by the Holy Spirit, but in the meantime, they continue to wreak much destruction in their paths.

  3. At first, I did not look at Voris' Pause program. Now that I see it is does concern me somewhat.
    It is not so much that a group would start a group like this, it basic premise is on paper a good idea.
    But a program like this should be under that supervision of proper Church authority.
    The authentic teaching authority of the Church comes from the seat of Peter and flows from there to the office of the local Bishop.
    It is very spiritually concerning that anyone calling themselves Catholic would set themselves as a teaching authority outside the Church.

  4. But we do have a problem in the Catholic Church with our Hierarchy. At Catholic Answers, in their forum on Social Justice, I exposed an error in Lumen Gentium. It mirrors Masonic teaching: Pg 5, post #73. Cultural Marxism has infected our whole clergy beginning with things about nations and races. Anti-racism which is political correctness (Cultural Marxism) has become Catholic teaching. With the error in Lumen Gentium exposed, this calls into question a lot of things.

    It is the way the Catholic Church is set up. In the 10th century, they added to the canon law that the laity can depose a bishop for unfaithful, undogmatic things. The Laity still can in the Eastern Orthodox Churches. There is no system of correction in the Catholic Church; it is either too slow, or non-functioning.

    1. You are a very good Protestant.

    2. I read your entry in which you claim to have "exposed an error in Lumen Gentium", claiming that it mirrors Masonic teaching, but it is you who are in error. In reaction to LG's call for an end to separateness, you state that in Heaven people keep such things as race and gender. LG calls for an end to separateness in order that humanity "...may be brought into the unity of the family of God". This, in no way, advocates the diminution, or abolition, of such things as race or gender. I find your understanding of the expression "separateness" to be rather narrow. Your claim to have exposed an error in Lumen Gentium is baseless.

      Finally, it may also be useful to give prayerful consideration to what St Paul wrote in Galatians 3:28 "There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus". Oh dear, "...nor is there male and female." Apparently, St Paul disagrees with you - and I would hope that you do not consider Paul to be a proponent of masonic teaching.

    3. Good points, Alban. I think I may have maligned Protestants. My heartfelt apologies.

    4. Well, I am not a Protestant. I would like to ask that you read the thread from the beginning. In some parts the Bible is there to Express the Will of God; I can't see how the Church has any authority over the Natural Order. I also answer the Galatians verse in the thread.

      To back up Vorris, I was trying to discern a vocation back in the late 80s. I met others doing the same thing. What I heard from others was that there was a gatekeeper like a nun that if you expressed any displeasure at homosexuality, you were discouraged from entering the seminary. The type of person that has been entering seminaries were not the most masculine or the most traditional. So now the Church reflects its grooming protocols.

      In the preceding post, I meant to say "preventing from disposing a bishop". In the Orthodox Church, the laity still have the responsibility for keeping the Faith. They have the power to dispose. Councils are only called good when the Laity accept them. In the Orthodox Church there are check and balances. In the Roman Catholic Church what I have been witnessing is that all sort of things are shoved down our throats.

      Case in point, turning the priest around. It has now come out that the priest never faced the people. The Orthodox do a much better job of maintaining their traditions, their priests have their back to the people just like the Coptic and the Ethiopian Church. So, this priest thing does not inspire continued confidence in the hierarchy. I'm sorry. I see all sorts of things that don't inspire confidence. What are the fruits of Vatican II? Aren't we supposed to judge a Tree by its fruit? The Orthodox do not accept a Council until a time has passed and it proves itself.

    5. A Protestant is a Christian who does not accept the authority of the Magesterium of the Roman Catholic Church. Your words most definitely fit that description.

  5. @Catholic. I believe that my lack of clarity may have caused some confusion; my comment was in response to W.Lindsay, and not to anything you wrote. No need for the apology regarding Protestants; besides, I'm Roman Catholic - which conveniently brings me to my next point.

    You wrote that "A Protestant is a Christian who does not accept the authority of the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church"; well, yes and no. Protestants are the children of the Reformation, and certainly do not accept the Holy See. However, the Orthodox and certain Coptic churches, also do not accept the Holy See, but they are never classified as being "Protestant". This may be because they are considered to be schismatic rather than heretical; a crucial distinction, I'm sure you would agree.

    Also, our Eastern Rite brethren tend to become (justifiably) grieved when those of us in the Latin Rite equate Roman Catholicism with Catholicism; they may constitute only 1% of the Church, but they are as Catholic as you and I. So, perhaps a better term would be the "magisterium of the Catholic Church"? I may be behaving like a pedant here, but I hope you see the validity of what I'm saying, because language is important - especially when this mode of communication means we are unable to see body language nor hear the cadence.

    @W.Lindsay If you are suggesting that the laity should have a role in the appointment of bishops, I do agree, though I'm not sure at what level. Indeed, it was only at Vatican I that the Pope claimed the right to appoint all bishops. However, I do not share your grim view of our hierarchy. Might I suggest that, if it is possible, you attend an Eastern Rite parish, as you will find the Liturgy to your liking. One word of caution: as with the Orthodox, our Eastern Rite Catholics can sometimes have a 'relaxed' understanding of attendance, and many have no problem arriving late or leaving early. Additionally, you may find that the pastor is married with children.

    Also, you mention that the type of person entering seminary "...were not the most masculine..." Goodness, please break out of this stereotype. There are countless heterosexual men who are quite effeminate and many homosexuals who are truly very masculine (in the sense you mean).

    Apologies to you both for the length of this post. I only recently discovered this blog and it is incredibly refreshing to find an orthodox blogger who is not narrow-minded.

    1. As you point out, not all Christians who reject the authority of the Magisterium are Protestant, but as you say, those who are not Protestant are schismatic, and that would include sedevacantist groups. Their common element, of course, is rejection of the authority of the Pope. However, the vast majority of Christians who reject the authority of the Pope do proudly identify themselves as Protestants.

      Yes, again, you are absolutely right when you say the Eastern Orthodox are as Catholic as Roman Catholics, but like Roman Catholics, they accept the authority of the Magisterium and, more specifically, of the Holy Father. For example, the main Maronite Cathedral in America is right here in Brooklyn - Our Lady of Lebanon - and they have their own bishop apart from the bishop appointed for the Brooklyn diocese. But they fully accept the authority of the Pope. So yes, you are right, I should have written "The Magisterium of the Catholic Church", including all recognized rites.

      Thanks for keeping me on my toes. :)


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