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The Ongoing Story of Catholic Traditionalist Hypocrisy

The conservative/traditional Catholic blogosphere has devoted massive amounts of cyber ink to condemning homosexuality,  especially whenever it is found in the Catholic Church.  They also have no use for anyone who shows the least compassion for those who struggle with same sex attraction, as witnessed by their unrelenting attacks upon Father James Martin.

The trads wasted no time last December in condemning a Milwaukee priest, Fr. Gregory Greiten, when he came out and admitted he was gay.  He described his struggle in great detail, confessing that he came very close to suicide at one point.  He was roundly condemned by those who consider themselves to be the only real Catholics left on planet Earth.  It didn't matter to them that Fr. Greiten had never once had a homosexual affair and did not intend to do so.  His crime was that he was homosexual and dared to be public about it.  Yet at the same time, when one of their trad heroes, Michael Voris, admitted that he was gay, he was applauded for his great courage, even though Voris was extremely promiscuous, unlike Father Greiten.  In fact, Voris himself condemned Father Greiten. How does that work?

The hypocrisy of the radical right traditionalists is again on full display in the story of Father C. Frank Phillips.  Father Phillips is/was the pastor of St. John Cantius in Chicago, a traditionalist parish. The trads have lauded and applauded Father Phillips and the parish of St. John Cantius for many, many years.  However, Cardinal Cupich recently removed Fr. Phillips from his church because there have been credible accusations against Fr. Phillips of being involved in at least one and maybe more "inapropriate relationships" with adult men.

What has been the reaction of the trads to this scandal concerning one of their own?  They refuse to believe it.  First of all, they concentrate on the fact that the words used by the Archdiocese are "inappropriate conduct."  I think this is a very kind way of the Chicago Archdiocese to deal with this, using a euphemism.  The traditionalists clearly know what that means, but they will not use the words "homosexual relationships."

The traditionalists' stand is now to attack Cardinal Cupich because he has been way too harsh in his treatment of Fr. Phillips.  The real reason Fr. Phillips has been removed is because Cardinal Cupich supports Father James Martin and hates the traditional Latin Mass, as we are told by retired Archbishop Renee Gracida.  It should be remembered that Archbishop Gracida, a staunch traditionalist, hopes and prays for Pope Francis to resign because he feels Pope Francis is a danger to the faith.

The following is from Archbishop Gracida:
Cardinal Cupich acquired a reputation in his former office as Bishop of Spokane as being totally opposed to the celebration of the Traditional Latin Mass in the Diocese.  That fact combined with his welcoming of Father James Martin, S.J. to the Cathedral in Chicago to speak in support of the homosexual lifestyle that he promotes in his book Building Bridges, a lifestyle that sometimes involves the sin of sodomy, causes me to wonder if the removal of Father Phillips is not part of an elaborate plot leading to the suppression of Saint John Cantius Parish as a center for the promotion of the Traditional Latin Mass.  The hypocrisy of removing Father Phillips as Pastor based on a possible false accusation of homosexuality on the eve of Father Martins talk at the Cathedral promoting ‘respect’ for homosexuals  is too much for people of common sense to accept and to wonder about hypocrisy
So you see, this is an evil plot against the traditionalists by the evil Cardinal Cupich.  There is no way that their beloved Fr. Phillips could have ever done anything like this.

Father John Zuhlsdorf wasn't quite as obvious as Archbishop Gracida, but his was definitely the same message  This is what he wrote:
A letter from the Archbishop of Chicago was read at the Saturday evening Mass at St. John Cantius, so this information is now public.  In the letter that was read aloud it was clear that allegations against Fr. Phillips have nothing to do with minors!  According to my interlocutor, Fr. Phillips has not been accused of breaking any civil laws.  Instead, the allegation concerns an improper relationship with an adult male.  [Emphasis Father Zuhlsdorf]
See, even if it is true, it's not that big of a deal.  After all, Father Phillips didn't do anything criminal! He just had an "improper relationship with an adult male."  No biggie.  But, as Father Z tells us, even though this was a minor infraction, Father Phillips was still removed by the evil Cardinal Cupich:
However, Fr. Phillips has been removed as pastor of the parish and Superior of the Canons.  He also had to leave the parish. An interim superior has been chosen from among the group itself.  Given that Phillips seems not to have broken any civil laws the move against him seems pretty sudden and draconian, but I guess that’s what they do around there.
Father Z, with no knowledge of anything, then pronounces Father Phillips innocent of all charges:
For my part, I hope for a swift resolution to this especially because I don’t believe the allegation.   I just don’t.
And if the great, almighty and omniscient Father Z says it didn't happen, you better believe you can take that to the bank.

These are some of the comments left of Zuhlsdorf's blog, with which he seems to have no problem at all:

VanSensei says:
18 March 2018 at 12:23 AM  Methinks this is a smear job by Cardinal Cupich (if that man is ever pope, *shudders*) because St. John Cantius is a conservative parish and Cupich doesn’t want that. This is hideous.
tzabiega says:
18 March 2018 at 12:34 PM  Father Phillips is one of the greatest priests in the United States who founded one of the most unique religious orders in the world, which by itself has rejuvenated the Catholic Church in Chicago. What is interesting is that it is well known that there are multiple homosexual priests in the Chicago archdiocese and I highly doubt they are all perfectly chaste and haven’t had “inappropriate” acts with other homosexuals without any public statements from Archbishop Cupich. So to publicly accuse a priest of inappropriate conduct which is not criminal (where Archbishop Cupich is all for homosexual relationships and pro-homosexual priests like Father Martin) smacks of calumny. At the very least this should have been privately investigated and only if Father Phillips was found guilty by a canonical court should this have been released. After all: 1. This was not against a minor and 2. It was not a crime whatever he is accused off. So what was the hurry in publicly shaming Father Phillips. Lowest form of vindictiveness by Archbishop Cupich trying to destroy the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius who are at the forefront of fighting for traditional values, for life, and for the family. The Canons should try their best now to move their religious order to Springfield, Illinois, where they already have a parish and where the great Bishop Paprocki is in charge. Otherwise, the vindictive Archbishop Cupich will destroy them within a matter of a couple years like he has already destroyed their founder’s reputation.
Zuhlsdorf did get a little uncomfortable when one of his fans called him out on the true meaning of his post:
Anchorite says:18 March 2018 at 8:43 PM Your assessment of the matter is absolutely on the spot, Fr. Z. I’ve worried about the fate of this parish and anyone involved in running it from the moment Cupich was assigned to Chicago. Archb. Cupich is a great enemy of anything Catholic and has an unnatural aversion to tradional things. His own history of destroying sacred spaces is well-known, but, since Vatican is now occupied of the Vindictiveness personified, it was only a matter of time when good priests’ heads started to roll. Cupich and his ilk know that there is one sure way to destroy someone’s priestly career is to accuse them of inappropriate behavior. Then to start questioning the charism of the society they founded, and its very existence. Sad times indeed.
[I’ve “assessed” no more than that I don’t believe the allegations and that the move seems a little heavy. What I have emphasized is that the investigation ought to be swift so that the truth can get out and be put to rest, one way or another.]
I have absolutely no respect for anything Father John Zuhlsdorf says.  He is a bull in a china shop, throwing his weight around (and that weight is considerable - have you seen him lately?) with no respect for anything or anyone who doesn't help his agenda.  He attacks and destroys at will.  I truly do pray for him, because he has much for which he will have to answer.

Father Zuhlsdorf and Michael Voris
And what does Michael Voris have to say?  As far as I know, he has not personally said anything. However, his flunky, Christine Niles, has weighed in. Her thoughts are exactly as you would expect. She entitles her post, "CHICAGO PRIEST DEFENDS HIMSELF AGAINST ACCUSATIONS."  Niles reports that Fr. Phillips has been removed because of "credible allegations of improper conduct involving adult men."  She then goes on to tell us that:
Phillips founded the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius in 1998 under Cdl. Francis George. The parish is known for its beautiful and reverent traditional liturgy, as well as its preaching of orthodoxy. Last year it undertook a historic Fatima procession through the streets of Chicago, in the 100th anniversary year of the apparitions.
Niles then posts a video of the Church, "Restoring the Sacred."  As you can see, she is telling us that Fr. Phillips is a good guy who has done only good things in this life, with the clear inference that these charges could not possibly be true.  In fact, she goes on to quote from a member of St. John Cantius saying that very thing.  What a surprise.

After this, Niles goes into a rant against - you will never guess - Father James Martin, that evil priest who actually believes in compassion and mercy for sinners.   Niles makes totally untrue statements about Father Martin, such as that he supports gay marriage and transgenderism- an absolute lie.  Father Martin has made it very clear that he completely supports the teachings of the Church in this matter.  Also, Niles states that "he has also claimed that the virtue of chastity does not apply to homosexuals."  That is blatantly untrue as Fr. Martin has specifically said that everyone is called to a life of chastity.  For the record, one other accusations Niles makes, Fr. Martin endorsing Sr. Jeannine Gramick, is true, and I am definitely in disagreement with Fr. Martin on this one.

But my question is, what in the world does Fr. James Martin have to do with Fr. Phillips?  The traditionalists' answer would be that Cardinal Cupich has invited Fr. Martin to speak in Chicago. Therefore, that shows hypocrisy and bias on Cupich's part. Cardinal Cupich condemns one priest accused of homosexuality while he supports another who promotes homosexuality.  This is, of course, comparing apples with oranges.  Fr. Martin supports showing mercy, compassion and kindness (three nasty words to the traditionalists) to those caught up in sin, i.e., homosexuals.  I have no doubt in my mind that Fr. Martin will show that same compassion to Fr. Phillips should be it proven that he, too has same sex attraction.

Niles includes a quote from one member of St. John Cantius, that once again sums up the attitude of most traditionalists in regard to this matter:
I think very few people at SJC were actually surprised that the Diocese took action against Fr. Phillips and SJC. Given the Traditional/Modernist divide, to many it was never a matter of if, but only when.
Ah, the traditionalists.  They just love whipping out the victim card.

There is one more traditionalist reaction I would like to share with you.  It is a YouTube video by a young trad, that group which the trads tell us is the future of the Church:

It has been made known clear that Cardinal Cupich is an enemy of the Catholic faith and an enemy of tradition. . .remember, the Bible says the enemies are in the high places. . .we have to be mindful that just because we have the cardinals, just because we have the pope, just because we have these priests, bishops, prelates, monsignors, doesn't mean they are always good.  It doesn't mean they always have the Catholic faith. . .I think it needs to made known that we do not want Cardinal Cupich.
This young man then makes an out-and-out threat against Cardinal Cupich, for which, if the Cardinal so wished, the young man could be prosecuted.
Cardinal Cupich, the traditionalist movement is coming after you. You best hide.   
In all of these posts and comments, no one seems to really be concerned for Fr. Phillips at all.  They just assume he is completely innocent and our only concern should be about all the evil prelates who want to destroy traditionalism a/k/a True Catholicism.  In the statement from St. John Cantius, we are told this:
Fr. C. Frank Phillips, C.R. our founder, has been pastor of St. John Cantius for 30 years and our superior for 20 years. As soon as Fr. Phillips became aware of the complaints he has been open and transparent with us, his community, and the Archdiocese of Chicago. 
To me, the words "he has been open and transparent with us, his community and the Archdiocese of Chicago", say that Fr. Phillips has finally come to terms with who he is.   I can only imagine the guilt and shame he has lived with during his entire ministry, especially in serving a group of people who don't even try to understand someone like him, but who only condemn.  This poor priest must have been in constant misery, trying to be one thing and his mind telling him something entirely different.  If Fr. Phillips had been able to be honest about who he is, if he had found people who accepted him with compassion and mercy, he probably never would have had "inappropriate relationships."  It is when we try to hide things under the rug that they eventually come out and bite us.

I see no compassion at all coming from these best-of-all Catholics.  It never enters their minds that Fr. Phillips may need their support not in fighting the Catholic hierarchy, but in fighting his own demons, just as we all do.  Fr. Phillips will never find the true support he needs from those who are only intent on fighting the Church.  And neither will anyone else.

As far as I am concerned, the Catholic blogosphere is all sound and fury, signifying nothing.


  1. Catholic in Brooklyn, what is your opinion of the song "Here I Am, Lord"? What is your opinion of Dan Schutte's music in general? Check out the following link/URL:

    1. Never really gave the song much thought. It is a pretty song melody wise, but of course the trads wouldn’t like it. Interesting article. I think I mostly agree. Our job is not to judge others. We are here to love others and lead them to Christ through that love. People can’t really change until the experience God’s love. So our job is to help them experience that love. We don’t do that by standing in judgment of them.

  2. Catholic in Brooklyn, does the Father Phillips situation remind you of the John Corapi scandal?

    1. Actually I don’t think there is any comparison. Fr Phillips is completely submissive to the authority of the Church, as they said, he has been completely open and transparent. Whatever the outcome, I think he is going to be just fine.

  3. Protestants believe that they are the true Christians left since the defection of the Catholic Church from the faith. They also believe they can be true Christians without submitting faithfully to any clergy who teaches what they believe to be heresy. Much of the same apologetics against Protestantism can be used against “defender” Catholics.

    The most ironic thing is they accuse everyone else of being heretics without themselves believing the dogma of the indefectibility of the Church.

    1. Self righteousness, coupled with pride, is deadly. Humility, which means just being aware of our own sinfulness and complete dependence on God and His grace and mercy, is the sign of a true Christian.

  4. That many traditionalists outside of Chicago don't WANT to believe the charges - such as they are, the charges are still quite vague - is perfectly natural. On the other hand, a substantial minority of hyper-traditionalists are gloating over it since Fr. Phillips was never really "one of them" - Cantius still offers the NO after all. In your urge to find support your own agenda, you seemed to have missed that.

    No reasonable observer would deny that Cardinal Cupich sees Cantius as an enemy, based on his track record of acting against the TLM in other cities, as well as the petty harassments he's implemented against Cantius since coming to Chicago. You also left that out, I can only assume - based on your own track record - because you sympathize

    But here in Chicago, the belief or assumption that Fr. Phillips is innocent is based on simple observation. It doesn't comport with the man we have known for years.

    Logically, of course, we might be wrong, just as anyone might be wrong about anything.

    But from Brooklyn, of all places, you are confident that YOU know what is really going on - Fr. Philips is merely getting in touch with his inner gayness or whatever. And to the extent that he didn't do so before, his "conservative" parishioners are to blame! Well, we all have our own obsessions.

    As well as our own hatreds. I would advise you to lose yours. Whatever actual Catholic faith you still might have, your rabid froth against "conservatives" and "traditionalists" is drowning it out.

    1. You don't know and I don't know if these allegations are true or not. Fr. Phillips has supposedly made a statement through his lawyer that he wants to clear his name. I hope that he is able to. We do know that Fr. Phillips is cooperating fully, and that speaks very well of him. But he has not asked anyone to protest in any way for him or speak for him.

      Do you honestly believe that Cardinal Cupich would just make up these charges knowing they could be easily disproven? What would he have to gain from that except make himself a bigger target for people like you? The Church of St. John Cantius and Fr. Phillips' own order, which he founded, have taken this action against him. Do you think they are in on the conspiracy?

      It is possible that some other people have lied about Fr. Phillips. That remains to be seen. But to attack the hierarchy of the Catholic Church and accuse them of evil acts is beyond the pale.

    2. It is interesting that Cardinal Cupich has made remarks about other priests who have homosexual relationship with each other and with other men, as being, practically speaking, no one's business--and that it is consensual sex. So, why is this different? Simply because Cupich wants it to be!

  5. "People like you"?

    I don't know who is lying, if anyone. Then again, Cupich hasn't made it clear what anyone might even be lying about.

    But I have no problem calling out obnoxious disingenuousness when I see it, such as, for example, that contained in the contrast between these two statements of yours:

    "I can only imagine the guilt and shame he has lived with during his entire ministry, especially in serving a group of people who don't even try to understand someone like him, but who only condemn. This poor priest must have been in constant misery, trying to be one thing and his mind telling him something entirely different. If Fr. Phillips had been able to be honest about who he is..."

    "You don't know and I don't know if these allegations are true or not."

    The parishioners at St. John Cantius want to believe that the pastor they have known and loved for years is innocent. You want to believe he is a victimized homosexual. After all, that would sure stick it to people like me.

    I wonder which desire is healthier?

    1. The reason I wrote that in my post is because I do believe it is more likely that it is true than not, simply because if anyone lied about this, they would be unlikely to get away with it. In addition, the statement says that Fr. Phillips is cooperating, which means he has agreed to take himself out of his ministry right now. I don't think he would agree to this so quickly if he were innocent.

      Plus, we know there are priests who suffer quietly with same sex attraction, and it is a very heavy cross to carry. It is not out of the question that Fr. Phillips is burdened with this cross, and he serves people with whom he could never share this because they would be too quick to condemn him. I don't believe just having same sex attraction makes one a bad person. It is how you deal with it that makes all the difference.

    2. If that were the case, Cupich would hardly be "going after him." He would be protecting him. Has anyone considered the possibility that it has something to do with the fact that Fr. Phillips took a parish that was in its last death throes and made a vibrant, Christ-filled holy ground? There is more to that idea than anyone is admitting.

  6. *sigh*

    1. This is the first I have heard of this story, but it just seems wrong for a priest to be suing other priests. Certainly they should be settling any disagreements among themselves. Not to be disrespectful, but they sound like squabbling old biddies.

  7. Catholic in Brooklyn, here's a link/URL to a certain video that you might want to check out:

  8. Why don't the trads just write commentaries about what Jesus said about the gay issue. That should settle it.

    1. They think that is what they are doing. It is the rest of us who don’t know anything.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. "priests who suffer quietly with same sex attraction, and it is a very heavy cross to carry."

    WHY? Priests who are attracted to women face the same issues regarding suppressing sinful acts. Married women and men face the same issues (commit no adultery). What about single bachelor men/women who never met the right person and are forever likely single? What about their crosses? Fr. Martin wants to make homosexuals out to be victims, but everyone knows that no bachelor should visit prostitutes, no married woman should cheat with her co-worker, and no homosexual should cross the line and commit gay sex acts. It's really simple stuff.

    I have no information, but if Fr. Phillips was guilty of inappropriate acts why didn't it come out in the prior 3 decades. He was literally in a coma recently and having health problems. He's advanced in age. The timing of this thing stinks to high heaven, it's as if they (cupich et al) want to tarnish this man's reputation and taint all the great work he's done, right before he gets really old and passes away. The timing appears sinister.

    Nonetheless, nothing Cupich and the liberal haters can do will diminish the work that Fr. Phillips has done in restoring the faith in so many people. He created a true "hospital for sinners" like even PF1 claims he wants the Church to be.

    Contrast, when visiting Chicago, the two churches St. John Cantius and Old St. Pat's the next time anyone visits. They are about 1.5 miles apart. Go visit the liturgies and then observe. At Old St. Pats you will see arrogance, no racial diversity (it's all yuppie liberal whites), no prayer, no kneeling, a man-centered horizontal liturgy with suburban 70's music, people traipsing all over the apse, extreme feminist angry lay Eucharistic ministers handing out communion wafers with hands barely washed with CVS drug store hand sanitizer. There is a Marxist "justice" ethos that is off-putting, self-righteous, arrogant as if the people can't see what Cardinal Dolan just said about the Democrat Party and its hatred of Christianity. Etc. etc. We all know what these hypocrite white liberals are all about.

    Contrast that with St. John Cantius where you will see all races of people, rich & poor, old Filipino women, young males, you'll see nuns and brothers and even outside priests. You will see people actually praying to GOD. Most importantly, you will see deep humility, something that the justice churches are in sore need of. The poor need God and salvation and a reverent liturgy is a gift to everyone who attends. The poor don't need lectures from liberal whites and they need more than a ham sandwich handout.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Just a couple of random thoughts concerning your post. First, my problem with Fr. Martin is not that he shows mercy and compassion for sinners, but that he rejects the Church's teachings regarding sexual activity. His bridge never includes the sinner rejecting and overcoming his proclivities. Fr. Martin is leading others into sin with his encouragement.

    Second, I don't think any priest should preach from the pulpit about his sexual orientation or his struggles with chastity.

    Third, Cardinal Cupich is probably aware that many of his priests are sexually active. I don't really believe in conspiracy theories; perhaps in the future the reasoning will be clearer for Fr. Phillip's removal.

    Cardinal Cupich may not like tradition but Chicago ain't Spokane.

  12. Your entire "analysis" is based on a slander: that "trads" "hate" people with SSA or a sinful past.

    Michael Voris is not a "trad," btw.

    Voris received support after he was outed because he adheres to the Catholic Faith. Greiten was criticized because he undermined the Catholic Faith.

    You accuse "trads" of hypocrisy because they fail to behave in conformity with your slanderous depiction of them.

  13. What was with taking a gratuitous shot at Fr. Z's weight? That was childish and mean. This is the first time I've read your blog. Are you in the habit of mocking the physical appearance of those with whom you disagree? I happen to be fat. Should I brace myself for more swipes at fat people if I should visit your blog again?

    1. Well, utahagen, Catholic in Brooklyn has pointed out Raymond Arroyo's uncanny resemblance to Pee-wee Herman.

    2. OK, so Catholic in Brooklyn is a jerk. That's all I need to know. Won't be visiting this site again. Thx for the info.

    3. Catholic in Brooklyn, have I stabbed you in the back? If so, I'm sorry.

  14. Catholic in Brooklyn, if you really are trying to be a good Catholic, how about making Easter the day when you make a fresh start? Stop making fun of peoples' physical defects? Stop chuckling over "Trads'" problems and sins? Aren't all of us Catholics of all stripes in this together? Hope so...God bless you. (By the way, I am starting a diet on Monday. Please pray for me. It's not easy being fat.)

    1. I do apologize if I offended you, The comment about Father Z was my lame attempt at humor. He often takes gratuitous swipes at people with whom he disagrees, and I was returning it to him. It was a cheap shot on my part. I have never had a weight problem, but I know many who struggle with it, and I know it is a cross. I wish you the best.

    2. Thanks, Catholic in Brooklyn. It is really tough to be fat, and I appreciate your kind words. I hadn't noticed Fr. Z taking gratuitous shots at people, but I'll call him out when I notice him doing so. I'll watch myself, too. In the meantime, I'm meeting with a respected diet doctor tomorrow and could use a few prayers as I try to lose weight. Would you please say a prayer for me tomorrow? I need to lose fifty pounds. So, Happy Easter to you.

    3. My husband lost 100 pounds on Weight Watchers and has kept it off for about 16 years. It is a hard battle for him, and he fights it every day, I will pray for you. That is a hard cross to bear. Have a wonderful and blessed Easter.

  15. Dieting does not work. It is difficult. It creates hunger. It causes metabolism slowdown.

    Fasting does work. It is easy. It does not cause hunger. It causes the metabolism to speed up. Look up Dr. Jason Fung's channel on YouTube.

  16. Catholic in Brooklyn,
    Please do some minimal research on the nature of Cardinal Cupich and his enmity with the entire traditional Latin Mass movement before you post blogs such as this.
    For instance: back in 2002, Cardinal Cupich, in his then-diocese of Rapid City SD, forbade the FSSP order which has a church in that city, from celebrating Holy Week according to the Missal of 1962 (traditional Latin Mass, or TLM). The FSSP (Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter, in case you did not know) was founded about 25 years ago by St. Pope John Paul II so that priests who wanted to leave SSPX would have an order devoted solely to Mass & sacraments under the TLM rite (there are now more such), and they have no shortage of vocations.
    FSSP is NOT under the jurisdiction of the local bishop. While they are supposed to get along with same, they answer solely to the pope, and DO NOT need the local bishop's permission to operate anywhere.
    That said, when FSSP refused to violate their order's mission, etc., Bishop Cupich's response was to have their church chained and padlocked during Holy Week 2002.
    FSSP responded that if they had to, they would have their Holy Week celebrations out on the sidewalk in front of their own church, and that is exactly what they did. It made national headlines at the time and there are still a few stray articles about it, readily available on the Internet.
    Since St. John Cantius church has been such a powerhouse of priestly vocations, and since the church stands as a monument to rock-solid Catholicism, it is only natural that Father Phillips has both friends (and enemies) in high places.
    BTW, unlike you, I am a former parishioner of St. John Cantius. Father Phillips was my pastor for many years. He helped me stay back in the Church after I came back after a 22-year absence. I do not know one single person who actually knows Father Phillips who believes the slime being slung around, about him. I ask all readers of this comment to pray for both Father Phillips and Cardinal Cupich, and that the truth comes out.

    1. The board that reviewed the allegations recommended that Fr. Phillips not be returned to his ministry. They are a much more impartial voice than the traditionalists who follow Fr. Philips.

      I do not know any of the details about Cardinal Cupich and the FSSP. However, this happened in 2002 when the local bishops still had total control over when and where the Latin Mass would be celebrated. According to an article in the Denver Rapid City Journal, then Bishop Cupich did this just for the Good Friday service because he wanted one day of the year when the entire church would worship together in unity. Bishop Cupich did not ban then entirely from the Church. The traditionalists were allowed to continue their Latin Mass worship after that. From the article:

      "We've been prohibited by the bishop from celebrating the Easter Triduum liturgies and locked out of our church from noon on Holy Thursday until 8 a.m. on Easter morning," Dan Carda, 58, of Piedmont, said. Carda is a Latin Mass adherent who refuses to participate in the new-order English-language Mass that was mandated by the Second Vatican Council.

      Instead, Carda and some of the other 220 members of St. Michael's congregation will gather at 3 p.m. today for Good Friday services on the sidewalk in front of the church.

      Cupich sees his decision to not allow Good Friday Latin services at ICC as an invitation to unity, not a denial.

      "We're just looking for an opportunity on an annual basis for us to all worship together, for one moment of unity as a Catholic church,"

      Cupich said. "I'm looking for one time each year to do that, and it seems the day the Lord died for us all would be a good day to do it. That's all that this is about."

      He said he would like the Latin Mass community to recognize unity with the wider Catholic church. "There has to be some occasion on a yearly basis to reflect the fact that we are one church under one bishop," Cupich said. "I would ask them, 'Why do they find it so difficult, on the day of the Lord's death, to celebrate with their bishop, who is the sign of the Lord's unity?'"

      Carda sees it differently.

      "This is his most-effective time to crack down, during Holy Week," Carda said, noting that Catholics such as he expect the elaborate pomp and circumstance of the Latin rite during Holy Week.

      "I'm quite upset. It's disappointing and very disheartening," Carda, who has drafted a letter of complaint to Pope John Paul II, said. "I don't know why he feels like we are such a danger to him."

      Carda and the Rev. Valentine Young, pastor of the St. Michael's community, say celebrating Holy Week in Latin is their right. They have a different understanding of the pope's position on the continuation of the Latin-rite Mass than does Cupich. The bishop's decision to prohibit some Holy Week services, as well as his recent decision to not allow children to make their First Communion or to be confirmed in the Latin rite, is contrary to the pope's wishes, Carda said.


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