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Mary Ann Kreitzer, Quo Vadis?

My last post, "Overturning Roe v. Wade Will Not Stop Abortion. But It Could Destroy The Nation" discussed the failure of the pro life movement to stop abortion, despite their apparent "victory" in overturning Roe v. Wade.  As I pointed out, the vast majority of America still believes that abortion should be legal. Therefore, the war against abortion has not ended but only entered into a new and escalated stage.

I used a post from Mary Ann Kreitzer to prove my point. Mary Ann did a post about the Left's response to the leaked Supreme Court decision and she used her usual modus operandi of attacking and demeaning those with whom she disagrees.  

Before I did my post, I left a short comment on her blog which, as usual, she did not post. Mary Ann never posts my comments but I don't mind because I leave them for her, hoping it will trigger something in her to think about what she has written.  

However, Mary Ann obviously saw my blog post the next day and this sent her over the deep end.  She did a blog post in which she identifies me only as "Mary the Troll".  She, of course, did not address my blog post in any way, using only my brief comment to attack me. 

Mary Ann started her post as follows:
Well, I guess I'm going to address a troll, but, since I promised I would never post another one of Mary the Troll's comments, I'm not putting it in the comment section. That would link to her blog. I'm not sending anyone there. Commenting on the Intimidation Politics post, Mary the Troll exposed herself as totally delusional and clearly demonstrated that she is a willing enabler of THE LEFT'S violence. Here's what she wrote:
Of course abortion is wrong and evil. But to demonize one side when you support the side that rioted in Washington, threatening to kill politicians and coming close to destroying the Republic itself is gross hypocrisy on your part. No one on the Left has ever been guilty of the horror show we saw from the Right on January 6, 2021. I keep asking but you never answer. How do you live with yourself?

And why would Mary Ann refuse to identify me and link to my blog?  The answer is quite obvious. She doesn't want people to know what I really think.  She wants to use innuendo and lies to paint her own portrait of me which has nothing to do with the truth.

This was Mary Ann's response:

Well, I'm answering now. I was so shocked (incredulous is probably a more accurate word) by this comment I had to read it three times. Can she be serious? This woman obviously is hooked up to the matrix where they pipe into her ears CNN, MSNBC, and The View 24/7. I knew she was a little off, but she's unhinged.
As you can see, there is her usual demeaning and condemnation, reducing me to a stereotype.  
With regard to her comment....First of all, I have never supported the riot at the Capitol. It was not only wrong; it was stupid. I don't support breaking windows, knocking down barriers, or screaming at police officers. My brother was a Baltimore County cop for over 25 years. I would never insult or disobey a lawful and moral order from a policeman. (In the interests of full transparency, I am a rescuer and have disobeyed police officers telling me to leave an abortion business where I'm trying to protect the babies about to be killed and refuse to abandon them.)

Of course, I never said she supported the riot at the Capital.  I said she supported the side, meaning the Trump supporters, who were involved in the rioting.  And she reduces the riot to "breaking windows, knocking down barriers, or screaming at police officers."  Five people were killed in the riots, there was $1.5 million in property damage, at least 140 officers were injured in the riots, and more than 725 people have been arrested.  It was a little more than "stupid."  Mary Ann likes to pick and choose her facts.

Mary Ann's next point:

Next point: Mary the Troll cavalierly dismisses the abortion holocaust which is totally owned by THE LEFT. That is the real "horror show" where abortionists have murdered at least 63 MILLION innocent babies.
That, of course, is a blatant lie to say I "cavalierly" dismissed abortion.  Nothing in my comment suggests that and there is certainly nothing on my blog that suggests that but just the opposite.  The main reason Mary Ann did not identify me or my blog is that this lie would be exposed for what it is.  

Then she goes on to explain the "facts" about the January 6 riot:
No one threatened to "kill politicians." The only ones killed at the protest were Trump supporters. And the mob was incited by government agents deliberately infiltrating the crowd to stir things up. That is a fact confirmed by Federal Court filings. One unarmed woman, an Air Force veteran, was murdered by a Capitol policeman for the dastardly crime of attempting to climb unarmed through a window, shot in the neck at point blank range. Where are the "I can't breathe" supporters standing up for Ashli Babbitt's right to breathe? She wasn't the right color and she had the wrong politics.

Everything in this statement is a lie.  There was a gallows hung outside the Capital.  The mob were shouting "Hang Mike Pence."  One example is a rioter who was arrested and charged as follows:

The woman, Dawn Bancroft, was charged along with Diana Santos-Smith for violent entry on Capitol grounds, remaining in a restricted area and disorderly conduct in a restricted building.

In an affidavit, investigators cited a “selfie” video they say was taken by Bancroft. Investigators claim she is heard saying, “We broke into the Capitol. … We got inside, we did our part.”

“We were looking for Nancy to shoot her in the friggin’ brain, but we didn’t find her,” Bancroft says, according to the affidavit.
She later said she was joking (???) but on January 7, 2021 a man was arrested and charged and sentenced with threatening to kill Nancy Pelosi.  Those are just a couple of examples. There are more if you want to look them up.

Mary Ann gets her information from far right websites, and that is where she got her information that "the mob was incited by government agents deliberately infiltrating the crowd to stir things up."  Mary Ann's info comes from a website called "" Sounds really reliable, doesn't it? Well, USA Today, one of many actually reliable websites, says this is patently untrue.  
But that theory relies on a false assumption: that anyone identified as an "unindicted co-conspirator" in charging documents is a government agent.

In fact, legal experts say that term cannot be used to describe FBI agents or undercover government operatives. Charging documents and other evidence indicate that the Jan. 6 rioters included Trump supporters, conspiracy theorists and members of far-right groups.

Mary Ann says that Ashli Babbit was murdered.  The fact is Babbit was rioting and trying to break into Congress despite being warned.  It was all caught on video and no one was charged with her "murder" or anything else on that day.

For Mary Ann to compare the death of a rioter at the Capital to the murder of George Floyd is beyond the pale.  

Then Mary Ann tries this one:

Want to know who threatens politicians and Supreme Court Justices and is a threat to the republic? THE LEFT! Chuck Schumer threatened Justices Kavanaugh and Gorsuch. Mary the Troll saw this video when she read the intimidation post but obviously gave Schumer a pass for his clear threat to the justices. The video didn't include the part of his speech where he said, "We're coming for you!" Really, Chuck? With guns? Steel batons? Bricks? The justices serve for life so what was Schumer calling for? Kidnapping? Death? This constituted criminal assault which is a verbal threat.

Is there anyone who actually believes this is what Schumer meant?  C'mon Mary Ann. That is such a low blow.

Mary Ann then does correctly state that there have been threats against the Supreme Court and violence as a result of the leaked opinion, and of course that is wrong.  But of course, she has to include lies to bolster her case:

And now THE LEFT is going for the justices who are expected to support the draft Roe decision. They're targeting their homes and making death threats! The Biden administration hasn't protested because it's exactly what they want! Use violence and intimidation to get at least one judge to withdraw out of fear. It's the reason the draft decision was leaked by THE LEFT in the first place! Justice Alito had to cancel a presentation because of concerns for his safety and the other justices are backing away from public events as well. Another fence is going up, this time around the Supreme Court, because of threats from THE LEFT. Now THAT is what threatens our republic! Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and all THE LEFTISTS on the hill are doing everything they can to stir up their violent mobs. This is what they accused Trump of doing, but they are the experts in fascist tactics! It wasn't Trump supporters burning our cities and demonizing the police. If you want to look for people who demonize others, Mary the Troll, look at THE LEFT (and perhaps in the mirror). Holding people in prison for over a year for being on the Capitol grounds, not even in the building is the tactic of a police state!

Don't you love the way Mary Ann condemns me as well as if I have something to do with all of this?

Mary Ann seems to have total amnesia when it comes to January 6.  Mary Ann seems to have forgotten about the fence that went up around the Capital after January 6 and the fact that the National Guard was called out. She seems to have forgotten about the pipe bombs that were found.  She seems to have forgotten about cops being beaten, some with American flags.  She seems to have forgotten about the Capital being vandalized, including with human feces.  Mary Ann seems to have forgotten everything about that day. 

In regard to the violence and threats of violence from the pro choice supporters, Mary Ann also states that "The Biden administration hasn't protested because it's exactly what they want!" That is an absolute lie.  From

The White House issued a statement on Monday saying that President Biden believes in the right to peacefully protest while condemning “violence, threats or vandalism” after abortion rights demonstrators marched outside the homes of Chief Justice John Roberts and Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh over the weekend.

“@POTUS strongly believes in the Constitutional right to protest,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki tweeted. “But that should never include violence, threats or vandalism. Judges perform an incredibly important function in our society, and they must be able to do their jobs without concern for their personal safety.”

“Violence, threats and intimidation have no place in political discourse,” Psaki said at a press briefing on Monday afternoon. “Yes, we are a country that promotes democracy and we certainly allow for peaceful protests in a range of places across the country. None of it should violate the law.

"We have not seen violence or vandalism against Supreme Court justices," Psaki added. "We have seen it Catholic churches. That is unacceptable. The president does not support that. We have seen it at some conservative organizations. We don't support that."

Next from Mary Ann:

Schumer's not the only one promising to "come for" those with whom he disagrees politically. Mary the Troll has obviously forgotten about the shooting at the ball field by a Bernie Sanders supporter saying he wanted to "kill Republicans" and Maxine Waters telling her robots to harass members of the administration in shopping malls and theaters and gas stations or wherever they found them. It's her version of "Kill the cockroaches!" to incite mob action. And it worked!

This is actually the reason why I hate politics.  My argument is that politics causes hate and division, and this is a prime example. That is why I say there are no solutions through politics, especially when it comes to abortion. Thank you, Mary Ann.


For Mary the Troll to say that no one on the left has ever been guilty of "the horror show we saw from the right" illustrates ignorance, stupidity or malice. Obviously she slept through the riots in Portland, St. Louis, Kenosha, San Francisco, etc. She's forgotten about the trashed cities, the murdered and injured police officers (thousands!) and citizens, the burned city and federal buildings and destroyed police cars. She's obviously closing her eyes to the policemen targeted with laser pointers to blind them and injured with bricks and frozen water bottles actually staged at riot points around the burning cities. She's ignored the thousands of businesses destroyed and looted by the "mostly peaceful" LEFT.

I stand by my statement. The United States, at least in contemporary times, has never witnessed anything like the riot and potential overthrow of the government like we saw on January 6, 2021. Of course I condemn any violence wherever it comes from.  Mary Ann knows I don't support it, but if she admits that, then she can't condemn me. 

Mary Ann then goes on to give other examples of violence from the Left, as though that somehow justifies what we have seen on the Right.  I can only repeat: politics is never the answer.  Mary Ann proves that with her statements.

Mary Ann ends her post with this:

I don't usually feed the trolls, but maybe there are a few poor souls who believe the same things Mary the Troll does because they haven't given it enough thought. That isn't true here. I've had enough experience with this woman (years in fact) to recognize malice when I see it. She claims to love the Blessed Mother, but there isn't an ounce of Mary's humility or charity on her blog or in her comments. I pray for her every time she visits (like a moth to a flame) even when I don't read what she writes which is usually a personal ad hominem attack and judgment of my soul.

I hope, kind readers, you will pray for her and for all the ignorant people out there who are still enthralled by the media's lies. We won't, of course, wake up everyone, because you can only wake up those who are asleep. Those pretending to be asleep, which I think applies to Mary the Troll, are another case.

By the way, Mary, I have no problem living with myself.

Mary Ann accuses me of using ad hominem attacks against her.  I express sincere concern for the state of her soul and she says that is an ad hominem attack.  She interprets disagreement with her in any way as an ad hominem attack, just as she believes anyone who disagrees with her is a troll.  She honestly can’t see how calling me a troll, saying I act with malice, have no humility or charity, don’t love the Blessed Mother etc. are all ad hominem attacks.   She feels totally justified in using one personal insult after another against me and encouraging her readers to attack me.  I wonder if she knows the meaning of hypocrisy.

This is what some of her "kind readers" said:

Anonymous said...

I applaud you for this wonderful response, but I fear it was a huge effort for nothing, if it was an attempt to sway Mary the Troll - it will fall on deaf ears - these people are completely oblivious to the Truth.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I'd have to be delusional myself, Anonymous, to think anything would change Mary's mind. But there are others out there (I know some) who actually trust CNN and other mainstream media liars. They don't see what THE LEFT is doing because the MSM hides it to protect them. Remember the liberal reporter who said the protests were "mostly people" while buildings burned in the background? It was ludicrous!

More of us need to expose the truth. If we get only one person to think and ask questions, we will have succeeded. Sad to say it's not likely to be Mary the Troll.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

I am only making a comment, because I want to thank You, Mary Ann, for your unbelievable patience with the troll. Troll, if you are reading, let me tell you this: The fact that you swallowed and are now perpetrating the false Jan 6th narrative, when there is no possibility you have not been alerted to many facts contradicting it, constitutes a foundation for culpability. You are sinning by spreading lies. There are innocent Jan. 6th protest participants, who are in jail without charges to this day. They are political prisoners of a ruthless "progressive" regime in the USA, allegedly the home of the free. Some have committed suicide, unable to confront the evil that took them from their lives, their wives and children.

C.J. said...

The graceless Troll spent all her time in the tv toilet bowl and lapped up all their drek. Nobody can keep a steady diet of the Devil’s lies without spewing it back like so much vomit. As the saying goes “You are what you eat.”

So go easy on the Troll. She needs many prayers. And maybe an exorcism. An enema wouldn’t hurt either.

John B., retired English teacher said...

Mary Ann,

In any sane society Mary the Troll would be locked up in an insane asylum, since she has totally lost touch with reality. Perhaps she goes around slack-jawed and drooling, thinking she is Joe Biden. In any case no point trying to reason with a nut-case.

No feminazis invaded our church yesterday but I was ready for them, carrying my heaviest rosary, ready to belt one in her ovary!

John B. retired teacher

I understand exactly where Mary Ann is coming from. She has given her entire life to the Pro Life movement. She believes in everything she does. She believes that the answer to abortion is to attack those who support it. It is impossible for her to admit that that she is wrong, that this tactic not only doesn't work but it is not Christian. So she turns her anger and rage on me, a nice handy target.

As I have said in previous posts, our job as Christians is to bring people to Jesus Christ.  He is the Way, the Truth and the Life, and there is nothing but death and destruction apart from him.  The question is, how do we reach a world that lives in direct rebellion and rejection of Jesus Christ?  The answer is to follow our Lord's example, and reach out to the world with love and compassion and understanding, for as our Lord said, "Forgive them for they know not what they do."

That does not mean condoning the ways of the world.  It does not mean accepting the ways of the world.  But it does mean not alienating people through judgment and condemnation.  Mary Ann Kreitzer does not believe this.  She thinks it is her job to judge and condemn.  And because I refuse to do that, she accuses me of condoning and being a part of everything she condemns.  Then she lies and twists the facts to make her case against me.

Here is a great video of what I am trying to say:

Quo Vadis, Mary Ann?

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