Friday, January 13, 2012

Catholics Still Are Not Voting "Catholic"

I was doing a further review of the Fox News Exit Poll, and I came across the category breaking down the voters by religion.  And there it was - 45% of all voters identifying themselves as Catholic voted for - Mitt Romney, the great flip flopper - first for abortion, then against it; first for same sex marriage, then against it.  Romney is a Mormon, closely associated with freemasonry.  He is a big business Republican and will push the United States further and further into globalization.  As you can see from the chart, second place is tied between Paul and Huntsman at 17%, Gingrich, a "new" Catholic got 11%,  and the only other Catholic candidate - Rick Santorum - got 8%.  Here is a picture of the poll from

This poll makes it very clear that Joseph Bottum of First Things, as shown in my post, Wolves in Sheep's Clothing, was definitely mistaken when he said the Catholic vote is moving to the right.  It just ain't happening.  And it has always been true that whoever wins among Catholics will win the popular vote.

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