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Rush Limbaugh - Working For The Man

Whenever I hear someone spouting party lines, whether they be Democrat or Republican, Right or Left, supporting establishment positions, I always say to my husband "He (or she) is working for the man."  Well, Rush Limbaugh would have you believe that he does all his own thinking and says only what he truly believes, but even he has admitted he carries water for the Republican party.  Is it just coincidence that no matter what side the Republicans take, Rush is right there?  He may disagree with them on some minor matters, just to make things look good, but if the Republicans decide to go to war, set economic policy, etc., Rush is their biggest cheerleader.  And all of his millions of ditto head listeners hang by his every word.

One Republican whom Rush bashes on a regular basis, even more than he will bash some Democrats, is Ron Paul.  Rush claims to be a conservative even before calling himself a Republican, so why is he bashing the person who has the most conservative voting record in Congress?  Ron Paul refuses to support the many illegal wars in which the United States is involved and threatens to become involved.  He refuses to support the illegal Federal Reserve.  He feels the smaller government is, especially federal government, the better it is.  He wants to take power away from federal government and give it to the states.  All of these positions go directly against the Republicans, who are as much into big government as the Democrats.  They put on a nice fight for us, pretending to disagree, but when it comes time to voting, they all fall into line.  And Rush Limbaugh is right there cheering them on.

Here is Limbaugh's latest diatribe against Ron Paul.  You can expect these to increase the more popular Ron Paul becomes.  And the saddest part is that all of the ditto heads who following Limbaugh will just sit there and blindly agree with everything he says.  All of the pictures in the following are Limbaugh's doctored pictures to make Ron Paul seem completely crazy.  America - wake up!  Stop letting other people do your thinking for you.

Ron Paul Kills Conservatives


RUSH: I did not have cable TV on last night.  I didn't.  I was reading.  I watched a couple of movies, but I did not have the TV on last night.  (laughing)  I take it back.  One clarification.  I did turn on Fox at about 7:55pm 'cause I wanted to hear O'Reilly read the e-mail.  That's my favorite part of his show.  And O'Reilly wasn't on.  They were doing coverage from New Hampshire, and they were proclaiming Romney the victor.  It was over.  So Romney had his seven electoral votes.  Okay, the only thing that interests me now is how does Ron Paul finish. [Why should Rush care anything about "crazy" Ron Paul?  Rush himself said that Paul can't win.  Romney got all the delegates in New Hampshire.  Why is Rush so concerned about Ron Paul?] That to me was the key, where does Ron Paul finish, 'cause anybody can vote, Democrat, Republican, pick up a ballot and go in there and vote.  And Rasmussen has some interesting data that I've gotta double-check.

But Ron Paul, the majority of people that voted him were not Republican [Rush is telling you that if you vote for Ron Paul you are not a good Republican]. And in another poll, the percentage of Ron Paul voters who say they will vote for the Republican nominee is... like 80% of Tea Party voters in New Hampshire said no matter who the Republican nominee is they're voting for it [Now Rush is telling you that if you vote for Ron Paul, you are defying the Tea Party, even though the Tea Party basically started with Ron Paul].  The Ron Paul number is 40%.  Now, as I say, I've gotta double confirm.  It's ostensibly Rasmussen and we're double-checking this, but what I know so far, or what I've been told is that Ron Paul supporters, 40% say they would vote for the Republican nominee, 23% said they'd vote for Obama, and 31% of Ron Paul voters said they would vote third party.  So the Ron Paul voters cannot be counted on [Limbaugh is doing his best to convince you that if you vote for Ron Paul, you are a traitor to conservatism], and most of Huntsman's voters and most of Paul's voters [an attempt to merge Huntsman and Paul into one person, when they are almost opposites on the issues] were Democrats who walked into the New Hampshire primary, picked up a Republican ballot, also according to this polling data [Rush makes another attempt to convince his listeners that a vote for Ron Paul is a vote for liberalism, supporting the Democrats, everything that is against their conservative values].
Or maybe not majority. I don't have it right in front of me but it's close.  It's a very high -- since I brought it up, let me see if I've got it in this particular stack.  I'll find it.  It's nothing that you don't know. 
Here we go.  It's the exit polling data from Fox, and it is on political matters, "Do you consider yourself very liberal, somewhat liberal, moderate, somewhat conservative, very conservative?"
  • You go to Ron Paul, 33% of his voters, according to exit polls, were somewhat liberal [this is COMPLETELY UNTRUE.  Rush wants you to believe that he is quoting from a poll that breaks down the candidate's numbers.  This is not true.  It is breaking down the voters and how they voted on the issues.  Each category is separate from the other and they cannot be added together, as Rush will try to do.  Here is the link to the Fox News poll.  Rush does not tell you that 10% of all who voted identified themselves as somewhat liberal.  Of that 10% of voters, 31% voted for Paul (misquoted by Rush), but an even higher number voted for Romney - 33%, the number that Rush attributed to Ron Paul];
  • 24% were moderate [again, 35% of all voters in this poll called themselves moderate.  Of that 35% of moderate voters, 24% voted for Ron Paul.  Rush doesn't tell you that 40% (almost twice Paul's numbers) voted for Romney];  
  • 0 were very liberal [Rush doesn't tell you that only 3% of this poll called themselves "very liberal" and they didn't vote for any of the listed Republican candidates].  
  • So 57% of the voters that voted for Ron Paul were not Republican conservatives [If you use Rush's BS method (sorry, that's the only word) of adding all of Ron Paul's numbers for all categories, it comes to 92%, of which he says 57% are "not Republican conservatives".  All of Mitt Romney's numbers add up to 154%, of which 73% are "not Republican conservatives."  Obviously, this is impossible. These are completely bogus numbers.  This is making the poll say something it emphatically does not say.  This number (which Rush makes up as 57%) actually doesn't exist according to the poll.  The poll says that 10% who answered the poll said they were "somewhat liberal."  Of that number, 31% voted for Ron Paul and 33% voted for Mitt Romney.  35% of the people answering this poll identified themselves as "moderate", which was actually the highest percentage of voters.  Of that amount for "moderate" voters, 24% voted for Paul and 40% for Romney.  Romney got the highest numbers for both the "somewhat liberal" and "moderate" categories.  You cannot add these two numbers together.  Rush is either being completely disingenuous here or he has no idea how to read a poll.]
And that's one of the things that I wanted to see because with this big push -- what is happening here, the final push now that's on to get Romney the nomination, Newt and Perry, with their attacks, have made it impossible to defend them.  I hate to tell you, folks, but you just can't put your name to what they're out there saying, vulture capitalism and so forth [Rush is now following the Establishment lead - abandoning Gingrich and Perry and throwing it all in for Romney].
Romney, however, wants Ron Paul to stay in [where is this coming from?].  Everybody is urging everybody else to get out of this except for Ron Paul.  They want Ron Paul to keep pounding away at Santorum and Newt.  They want Ron Paul to continue to get big numbers and take away any high second- or third-place finishes from Santorum or Gingrich or Perry or anybody else [Rush is now telling you that if you vote for Ron Paul, you're a stooge for the establishment, not thinking for yourself, when Limbaugh knows very well that just the opposite is true].  So the powers that be  realize the monkey wrench that Ron Paul represents.  Ron Paul is a conservative killer.  Ron Paul kills the conservative vote, and the Romney camp wants him in there, encouraging him to stay in there. 
And, in fact, depending on where you go, depending on what you read... Even Sarah Palin said it'd be a big mistake to reject those Ron Paul voters. The Republican Party would be making a huge mistake to reject the Ron Paul voters. So the effort is being made here to encourage people to reach out to Ron Paul's crazy, anti-defense supporters [Rush is now telling you flat out that if you support Ron Paul, you are crazy and against the military and defense of our country]. A lot of his supporters are simply college kids who like his ideas on liberalizing drug laws to Ron Paul wants to give the states the right to make these decisions, as it should be.  A lot of his supporters are young college kids who like his idea on gay rights. You know, they're the young idealists who have only their own personal interests here at stake, and he's out there representing it [Limbaugh conveniently forgets to tells his listeners that Ron Paul wants to stop all government college loans, he is pro life, he is against government handouts.  Why would "liberal" college students be for Ron Paul since he is supporting all of these "conservative" causes? It is not that Ron Paul is pro gay rights, liberalizing drug laws, etc.  He just wants to give the authority back to the states.  He wants to de-centralize our government, which doesn't seem to sit too well with Rush.  Ron Paul's philosophy is that government is of the people, by the people and for the people.  Government gave us abortion laws, same sex marriage laws, voted for all the wars, keep raising our debt ceiling, etc. etc.  Every time the people make their voice heard, it is in direct opposition to all of these actions.  The people have always voted against same sex marriage.  In California, when the people voted, they voted against recreational legalization of marijuana.  The people can be counted on to do what is right.  Government almost always goes against the will of the people.  Ron Paul, unlike any other candidate, wants to give government back to the people.]. Plus there is the awareness on the part of some Ron Paul voters that he's the giant monkey wrench [so this is the problem - Ron Paul is standing in the way of whatever Limbaugh and his cronies want to get done, and they are not telling us what that is] and they enjoy playing that role.
This video will tell you why Ron Paul is so hated by the MSM and the Establishment Republicans as he exposes them for what they are.  We have been sold a bill of goods and we need to wake up.

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