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Persecution and Martyrdom of the Catholic Church in America

I have stated on this blog more than once that the Catholic Church in America is headed for some very tumultuous times of persecution, and I feel very firmly that the Church itself will be forced to go underground as it will be outlawed by the United States government.  Michael Voris, formerly and now, just did an excellent Vortex episode in which he spells out the dangers to the Catholic Church in America in great detail and why we are headed there. Below is the video from the Vortex.  I have also copied the script below, which I think bears a close reading (with my own comments, of course)

Catholic or Patriot?

Hello everyone and welcome to The Vortex where lies and falsehoods are trapped and exposed. I’m Michael Voris coming to you the heart of Catholicism .. Rome .. St. Peter’s Square.  
All over the world .. at least the western world .. there is a growing unease that soon and very soon .. Catholics may have to make a choice between their Catholic faith and their country. Between their faith and their patriotism. As Providence plays out .. it would appear that center stage of this tragedy is the United States of America. All the stars are aligning against the Church and don’t let lawsuits filed by the bishops and Catholic colleges fool you.

The clouds are gathering quickly and darkening for the Church in the US. The American civilization has launched a culture war against faithful Catholics .. just as Otto von Bismarck did in the mid to late 19th century in Germany .. and the French government in the 18th century and the English government did in the 16th and 17th centuries. Martyrs were born of those oppressive and tyrannical governments. And martyrs will be born of the American government’s tyranny.  [This is not hyperbole.  This is real.  The Church will be labeled by our government as an evil organization that promotes hatred and bigotry, and there will be violence against Catholics.  And sad to say, some of that very persecution will come from those who call themselves "Catholic."]

This is a burned out church in Indonesia.
Is this what we will be seeing soon in the USA?
When will Catholics wake up and realize that what is working behind the scenes is a battle between Heaven and Hell .. between St. Michael and Lucifer. [And might I add, between Satan and the Queen of the angels and of heaven and earth - Mary, who is Satan's most hated enemy.]  Satan .. being defeated in eternity .. still retains his angelic powers to wage war against the Church in time. And until time comes to an end and human history has played itself out .. Satan will continue to assail the Church .. personally established by Our Blessed Lord on St. Peter .. whom he renamed .. Rock.  

Mary crushing the serpent
Once again .. the bastard destroyer has seized hold of the powers of the state and is bringing them to bear on the faithful. [Take note - Satan is waging war on the faithful, not on "faux" Catholics.]  There are still unresolved matters left to be worked out .. details really .. in Obama’s diabolical health care law. But at the White House .. Obama and Catholic traitors are in full scale advance .. putting in place their view of the world in which the Catholic Church has no part .. the authentic Catholic Church that is. One day .. and soon .. Catholics in America .. who have been lulled into a false notion that you can be both a good American and a good Catholic .. are going to have to choose between their Church and their country.

We have reached this point for many reasons .. but one that cannot be overlooked is how Church leadership rushed headlong and continues to do so .. into a vision that a government which promotes a vast array of evil can AT THE SAME TIME .. be reasoned with to reach consensus on other questions of morality.  
When a man named Obama stood at center stage of the US Catholic world in May 2009 and declared to raucous cheers from Notre Dame graduates, parents and faculty .. that common ground needed to be reached on questions of abortion and freedom of conscience .. he was lying through his teeth and he knew it. He used the softened up Catholic mind .. the Church of Nice .. to present a soft side of evil .. a side designed to be swallowed hook line and sinker by spineless and delusional leaders who TO THIS DAY .. still actively promote some of his legislation .. suffering under an ignorant and less than fully informed understanding of Catholic social doctrine.  [I think that Michael Voris is actually being kind here, giving the benefit of the doubt to these leaders that they actually don't know they are making a pact with the devil.  I'm not sure I would be that kind.]

These enemies of the faith .. like Obama .. but certainly not just him .. Pelosi .. Biden Kennedy and hundreds of others come to mind .. these enemies of the faith have been allowed to carry out their assaults against the common good of the culture PRECISELY because so many Catholic bishops and lay staff around the country for decades now have refused to stare down evil and call it out for what it is. They have refused to decry a law because it is intrinsically evil .. meaning rotten to the core JUST BECAUSE of WHAT IT IS.

Even now .. this ridiculous idea of challenging the health care contraception mandate because it infringes on religious freedom is patently absurd. The law is evil .. NOT JUST UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Who cares if it’s unconstitutional?!? It’s evil because it promotes an evil; namely contraception. That’s why the law is bad – not because it may (OR MAY NOT) violate some arcane clause in a 200+ year old document that only means what a majority of nine judges say it means.  [The Fortnight of Freedom was wrong and even laughable because it was about the wrong issue.  As Michael Voris says, this is not about freedom or the constitution, this is about good versus evil.]

This obfuscates the issue. It's not about
freedom - this is about good versus evil,
and the bishops will never win until they admit this fact.
Here’s the reality .. whether most bishops say it clearly or not.  American Catholics will soon be facing a decision whether to cooperate with the state or stand by their faith and pay the consequences. We have come to this because too many leaders have betrayed their high calling to preach unabashedly and untiringly the unalterable truths of Christ. And even now .. they still refuse to make pubic profession of their full guilt and do something about it.  [This is one of the most important statements Catholics today, especially in the United States, can hear.  We must be prepared to literally lay down our lives for what we believe in, because that time is coming, and very soon.]

So it is now up to the laity .. the few who may still have some touchstone to the faith to stand before judges and courts and bureaucrats and pay the price for Christ. Catholics in America may soon have to discover another way to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave .. something America has not been since it unleashed the slaughter of tens of millions of pre-born fellow citizens. Make no mistake .. the diabolical has control of the halls of government and is waiting for the opportunity to reveal itself fully.

At the rate things are progressing .. we shouldn’t have to wait too long. Its time to prepare ourselves my fellow Catholics. Immerse yourself in the faith, the sacraments, mind and soul so that when your time comes to choose .. you will choose the way of martyrdom .. however it comes to you and me. GOD Love you, I’m Michael Voris

We are living in the most serious of times, when it is not only a matter of physical life and death, but of even more importance, our eternity.  As Michael Voris said, we need to immerse ourselves in the Catholic faith, partake of the sacraments as often as possible, LEARN what our faith teaches so we can stand up to those who wish to destroy us.  The Catholic Church is the ark of salvation to the world, we are the only place that truth and life can be found.  We must turn to our Lord and to our Lady for the strength to survive the evil assault that we are now experiencing, and the much greater assault that awaits us in the near future. 

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