Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Federal Government Should Not Legislate Morals

The video below shows how the MSM tries to belittle and distort Ron Paul's message, trying to make him look like a left wing liberal when in reality, he is the strongest supporter of the US Constitution of any candidate in recent history.

Ron Paul is asked by Chris Wallace why he, Congressman Paul, says that the legalization (or not) of marijuana, cocaine and even heroin should be left up to the states.  Congressman Paul gives a brilliant answer to this question.  I can only point out that it is the federal courts that gave us the legal killing of babies, known as abortion, and strongly supported by the federal government.  Whenever the people are left to decide what should be legal or not, they always come down on the side of morality.  Ron Paul is right - the federal government should not be in the business of making decisions for us.  We are capable of making our own decisions.  Once the government infringes on one part of our liberty, it will start taking away other liberties.  Prohibition of liquor - when the government decided we shouldn't drink alcohol - resulted in making criminals out of otherwise law-abiding citizens, and actually produced more drunkeness and wrecked lives.  Government legislation, especially by the Federal Government, does not make people moral.  It has to come from within.  If the people are allowed to decide what should be legal or not legal, we will be much better off.  I can assure you that abortion would have never been legalized in 1973 if it had been left up to the people. 

Don't accept the argument that we need government to take care of us. Government is, for far too many who are a part of it, immoral and corrupt. Witness all the many, many scandals we have seen over the decades. As shown in my post about the Masonic influence in politics, we as Catholics should be doubly suspicious of anything our government does.  Why should we let such people, who can't make moral decisions for themselves, make our moral decisions. 

Here is a snapshot of a poll asking people's opinions on abortion published in July 2011.  As you will see, if left up to the people, abortion would be vastly restricted and regulated.  But in the government's hands, it continues almost unabated.

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