Thursday, January 19, 2012

Obama The Baby Killer

An interesting news item from

Second Grader: Defeat Obama, “He Says You Can Kills Babys”

by Jill Stanek | Washington, DC | | 1/18/12 11:21 AM
I received the following from a second grade teacher:
The class has been learning about Martin Luther King, Jr., and we were talking about how one person can make a big difference. We talked about how he had a dream.
So they had a writing assignment to write about what their dream for the world right now is. This little boy wrote, “My dream for the world Is for president Obama to not be president ever again. Because he says you can kill babies. And because that is a dumb law.”

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I have one problem with this news story.  Obama is being blamed for the fact that we have abortion in our land.  Certainly, Obama is the most pro-abortion president we have ever seen, and hopefully will ever see.  But has it been any different with Republicans?  Does anyone think it will be any different with Romney, who has done a 180 degree flip flop on abortion?  Has any Republican president ever gone beyond talk and actually tried to outlaw abortion?  We have never seen it.

Our salvation is not with any politician.  It is only through Christ and through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, just as she told us at Fatima.  Defeating Obama is not going to change anything.  The hearts and minds of the American people must change.  That is the only way to defeat this horrible evil.  I'm no fan of Obama, but the terrible scourge of abortion cannot be laid only at his feet.     

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