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Image of Our Lady Survives Destruction of Chapel in the Phillipines

A landslide in Barangay Pagsabungan, Mandaue City
buried the coffin of a woman whose remains were still
lying in state in the small chapel (kapilya) of Sitio San Roque.
Back in June, a Catholic Church was completely destroyed in Juarez, Texas in a fire, yet miraculously an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe survived completely intact with just a little smoke damage.  This seems to have been repeated in the Philippines.  A chapel collapsed due to monsoon rains and soil erosion, with only the images of the Blessed Mother and San Roque surviving. 

This is what Wikipedia has to say about San Roque:
According to his Acta and his vita in Legenda Aurea, he was born at Montpellier, at that time "upon the border of France" as Legenda Aurea has it, the son of the noble governor of that city. Even his birth was accounted a miracle, for his noble mother had been barren until she prayed to the Virgin Mary. Miraculously marked from birth with a red cross on his breast that grew as he did, he early began to manifest strict asceticism and great devoutness; on days when his "devout mother fasted twice in the week, and the blessed child Rocke abstained him twice also, when his mother fasted in the week, and would suck his mother but once that day".
Statue of San Roque
On the death of his parents in his twentieth year he distributed all his worldly goods among the poor like Francis of Assisi— though his father on his deathbed had ordained him governor of Montpellier— and set out as a mendicant pilgrim for Rome. Coming into Italy during an epidemic of plague, he was very diligent in tending the sick in the public hospitals at Acquapendente, Cesena, Rimini, Novara and Rome, and is said to have effected many miraculous cures by prayer and the sign of the cross and the touch of his hand. At Rome, according to Legenda Aurea he preserved the "cardinal of Angleria in Lombardy" by making the mark of the cross on his forehead, which miraculously remained. Ministering at Piacenza he himself finally fell ill. He was expelled from the town; and withdrew into the forest, where he made himself a hut of boughs and leaves, which was miraculously supplied with water by a spring that arose in the place; he would have perished had not a dog belonging to a nobleman named Gothard Palastrelli supplied him with bread and licked his wounds, healing them. Count Gothard, following his hunting dog that carried the bread, discovered Saint Roch and became his acolyte.

On his return incognito to Montpellier he was arrested as a spy (by orders of his own uncle) and thrown into prison, where he languished five years and died on 16 August 1327, without revealing his name, to avoid worldly glory. (Evidence suggests, as mentioned earlier, that the previous events occurred, instead at Voghera in 1370s.) After his death, according to Legenda Aurea,"anon an angel brought from heaven a table divinely written with letters of gold into the prison, which he laid under the head of S. Rocke. And in that table was written that God had granted to him his prayer, that is to wit, that who that calleth meekly to S. Rocke he shall not be hurt with any hurt of pestilence."

Below is the story from the Phillipines:

Cebu chapel collapses; Virgin Mary image saved
Posted at 09/05/2012 4:26 PM | Updated as of 09/05/2012 10:58 PM\

MANILA, Philippines – A man was injured after a small chapel in Barangay Pagsabungan, Mandaue City, Cebu collapsed on Tuesday due to continuous rains.

The injured victim, Remegio Magallanes, sustained wounds on his arms and face.

Authorities said the continuous downpour of rain caused soil erosion in some parts of Barangay Pagsabungan, triggering the collapse of the chapel.

The chapel was completely destroyed save for the images of Virgin Mary and San Roque.

The incident also damaged a casket inside a chapel.

The residents of Barangay Pagsabungan are hoping that their chapel will be rebuilt at the soonest time possible. -- Report from Reno Tallada, ABS-CBN News Central Visayas
Is this just a coincidence that once again, even though a church was completely destroyed, our Lady's image was spared, and the only other statue that survived was that of a saint who had been born as a result of prayers to her? 

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